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3 Reasons not to be an Adult Webcam Model

3 reasons not to be an adult webcam model

Webcam modeling can be categorized into two types: adult webcam modeling and non-nude adult webcam modeling.

This article 3 reasons not to be adult webcam model. (^-^)

Adult cam girl can get 3 times higher salary compared with non-adult webcam model. But, please read this article before you decide to start working as an adult webcam girl.

What are the reasons not to be an adult webcam model?

Let’s see what you have to know.(^-^)

No.1. Customer request is too harsh and exhausting

Not to be a webcam model

If you start working as a cam girl, you would see the dark side of men.

Even if you say” I do not want to do so”, some are persistence and keep asking you to do things that you do not want to do.

As soon as someone enters your private room, he may show you his dick right away……

Of course, you can ignore such guys and kick them out from your room. Even you can report such viewer to the site staff.

But you face such situations many times. You may get tired eventually. (;´д`)

This is one of the reasons that you do not want to be an adult webcam model.

No. 2 working long hours make you physically tired.

not to be a camgirl

Working as a cam girl doing sexual things long hour, you will surely be tired. (;´Д`)

But, viewers who are in your room are interested in only sexual things.

Thus, if you stop playing yourself, they leave your room right away.

So, how to lengthen your show is the key to be a successful model.

This is easy to say but difficult to do.

Models who work long hour from morning to night often get irritation on her private part.

May be it is better to work little hours everyday rather than working on long hour in one day.

Or may be you work as a non-adult model for longer hours and work as adult model little bit  (^-^)b (You can work multiple sites)

No.3 You may feel guilty.

Reasons not to be a camgirl

The job is not for everyone. Even you know you can get a big money, you may feel”I do not want to do this …..

Such mental stress is the reason that you do not want to be an adult webcam model.

It is very tough to work as a cam girl if you feel that you do not want to do it.

If you feel you do not want to do adult webcamming, it makes more sense to start working as a non-adult webcam model.

Your mind and feeling may change latter once you start working as non-adult cam girl. If it happens, you can turn yourself into an adult camgirl (^-^)

(Many models start from non-adult and change to adult )


Those are reasons not to be a adult webcam model. Some models say it is mentally much easier to be an adult camgirl and earn money while others say non-adult is easier.

It is completely up to you to which to choose. But If you feel even little you do not want to do adult webcamming, you should start as non-adult model.

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