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3 merits to be an adult Webcam model….

3 merits to be an adult Webcam modelWhen you say webcam model, there are 2 types of webcam model. It is Non-adult webcam model and adult webcam model.

In this article, 3 merits becoming an adult webcam model is explained. You may regret if you do not read to the end (^-^)b

What are 3 merits to be an Adult webcam model?

Ok. Let’s see what those are (´∀`)

No. 1 It’s a big money!

1 It’s a big money

I do not know what brought you to be interested in webcamming.

But, if you want to make big money, you should choose to be an adult webcam model.

The reason that you should choose an adult is the money per minutes that you can earn is significantly different between non-adult and adult!

Non-adult Adult
Per minutes $0.5~$0.7 $0.8 – $1.2
Number of viewers Having conversation is main work. Thus 1 to 1 chat is main. The focus is not conversation but sexual conduct. Thus, you often deal with many people at the same time

In conclusion, You get higher pay per minutes” and “ you can deal with many people at the same time”ヽ(*´v`*)ノ

There is no reason that you can not earn a lot ( ̄▽ ̄)

Top non-adult maximum salary is said to be $10,000 while top adult webcam models earn $30,000 per months.

Salary per hour for non-adult model is $100 maximum usually.

But, for an adult model, the hourly salary can be $300.

It is 3 times more money that you can get if you work as an adult webcam model than non-adult webcam model. ($▽$)

No. 2 You do not need to show your face

2 You do not need to show your face

The main work for non-adult is to talk to customer.

Thus, you have to show your face in order to earn money.

In such sense, adult model can get customers through its performance, you do not necessarily

need to show your face. Often adult models show only nose to breast. (^-^)

If you are not comfortable to show your face, you may be better to be a adult webcam model.

No. 3 You do not need to think what you talk

3 You do not need to think what you talk

The difficulty you face at least one time when you start working as non-adult webcam model is to have conversations flowing (;´Д`)

If you are good at talking to people, that’s fine. But most of model have to think about “what to talk” “ how to maintain viewers in the room”

While you think such thing in the room, customer leave without saying anything ………

This is mentally and financially sad.・゜・(ノД`)・゜・

But, for adult model, you can be sure what one thing that viewer is looking for. That is “sexual thing”.

Thus, it is relatively easier to keep your viewers in the room.

Therefore, if you work as an adult cam girl without thinking nothing, it can often happen that you have a big money next day (;゚ロ゚)!