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2 reasons not to be a non-nude webcam model

Reasons not to be a webcam model

This article explains about 2 demerits of being non-nude webcam model that does not require sexual performance.

The article is for you wandering whether you want to be a adult webcam model or non-nude webcam model (^-^)b

2 demerits becoming a non-nude webcam model

Let’s see what those are.

No. 1 The money you can get is much less than what you can get out of being an adult webcam model.

non-nude webcam model

While top adult webcam model earn about $30,000, top non-nude webcam model make about $10,000.

In other words, adult webcam model can make 3 times more money than non-nude webcam model  (;゚ロ゚)

Even being non-nude cam girl, you can earn $100 per hour. $10,000 per month is big money enough. (;)=3

It is the choice between fun working as non-nude webcam model and a big money you can make working as an adult cam girl.

In average, adult camgirl makes more.

No. 2 you need to be good at communication

non-nude camgirl

In adult webcamming, viewers are looking for adult performance. Thus, if you take your cloths off, it is easy to get attention.

But for the case of non-nude webcamming, you have to talk with viewers and entertain them.

Many non-nude cam girls move to be adult cam girls as keeping a conversation going is difficult. (´ε`;)


But, if you are good at keeping conversation going, the viewers become your regulars easily and come back to you all the time.


Once you have regulars, your income becomes stable. Also you may get presents from your fans.

The actuality is that viewers keep asking questions as they are the one who is interested in you.(^-^)

Conclusion: the biggest demerit is the money!

non-nude camgirl

Those are the demerits of being a non-nude webcam model.

The biggest difference is the money…..

The ability to keep conversation can be obtained through the practice.

For first time, you would not know what to talk. The conversation stops and you have awkward moments. But keep working gives you opportunities to learn and get used to it. ()

Top models are making more than $10,000. Even if you are not a top model, you may be able to $5,000 which is still good enough ($$)