There are many types of role play that cam girls can play. However, there are things that you need to be careful when you conduct role play show.


That question gets asked a lot.  Some girls or customers think that race play is indeed racist.  In fact, it’s like any other type of roleplay.  Raceplay is totally fine.  Be sure to discuss what words are allowed from each other prior to a show.  Myself, I am a white woman and get requests for BBC cuckolding.  I use racist words.  I use the “N” word because that is what my client wants to hear. For the most part, these men enjoy hearing a white woman use that word and speak derogatorily towards her race and the men of her race.

This by no means is racist.  I am not a racist, nor are my customers.  This like other roleplays that can be taboo or touchy are nothing more than just roleplay.  Working as a camgirl, we are entertainers, it’s our job to make a fantasy seem real.  If it’s not something your willing to do, that is okay.  However, just be sure to inform your client and be professional.

Underage Play

Here is another good topic in the world of camming.  I see a lot of customers love underage play.  This is roleplay but underage roleplay is illegal.   One thing, is you may NEVER do, is actual underage roleplay.  If a customer asks you to pretend yours under the age of 18 years old.  Never under any circumstances do this kind of show.  The webcam site you work for can find out and you will be banned and lose your account.

What I normally tell a customer when they ask for underage roleplay, is that I am sorry it is against the site rules.  What we can do is……  With that I normally say, we can pretend that your 18.  That we can say legally.  If you picture something else in your mind, that’s up to you.  But by all means, do not say it during my show.  Because if you discuss underage chat in my paid off quite frankly my free chat.  I will end a paying show and will ban you.  Sadly, in the past, I had to report men like this.  We have no clue if we are dealing with a child predator.  So, if you do and the potential customer seems pretty sick and demented about it.  Report his or her ass to your site!

Let us Discuss Things NOT Allowed

No Underage Material Real or Simulated (ex., sex with dolls) – All actors must be and appear 18 years of age.

No Horror/Snuff – You cannot act out someone being maimed or killed.

No Necro (necrophilia) – You cannot have sex with dead people.

No Blood – There cannot be any blood or simulated blood shown.

No Asphyxiation – You cannot suffocate or insinuate altering someone’s breathing in any way (ex., choking, strangulation, hanging by the neck etc.

No Animal Sex – There cannot be any sex with animals. Please make sure there are no any animals at.

No Forced Sex – You can not imply someone is being forced to have sex against their will in any.

No Non-consensual Sex – You can’t show someone having sexual intercourse against their will or without their knowledge (ex., they are passed out or sleeping, i.e., their eyes are closed)

No Hardcore Bondage with Sex – You cannot have someone fully bound (both arms and both legs) and penetrate them in any way. No full bondage with penetration of any kind. If someone has all four (4) limbs bound, they cannot be penetrated.

No Scat (feces) – There cannot be any feces or simulated feces.

No Pissing/Peeing (urine) – There cannot be any peeing on other people or show someone consuming urine.

No Fisting – There cannot be vaginal fisting or anal fisting.

No Chloroform – You cannot use or imply using any type of chemical to render someone unconscious.

No Weapons –  This includes prop/fake weapons.

No Drugs – There cannot be any drugs shown.  Some sites may vary about alcohol and the use of marijuana.

These are generally a few rules to help you out, especially if your new and just starting out in this industry.  Do not ever let a client talk you into any of these topics.  You are camming because this is your job and chances are you do not mind this type of work, so don’t let someone cost you an account.  It’s not worth is for a show!