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Ideas For Dead Time… When No One Is Interacting In Your Room

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There are times when you log into your room, and everything goes silent. There is no one talking to you for minutes on end. You may have several guys in the chat room, but none seems to be interested in you. This moment is frustrating. Several girls just log off and leave while others do away with camming completely after a few dead times.


Be patient and try any or several of the ideas below.

Start a conversation with a topic

Start a fun topic such as;

What is the one thing that you would like to know about me?

  • My favorite sex position
  • I like anal
  • The man with the biggest cock that I have ever encountered with.


You will get all sorts of crazy questions from your clients, and the conversation will get started.

Rate viewers cock

Men like talking about their cocks. Other people in the chat room will get into the conversation. Do not be surprised that someone in the group will ask for his or her cock to be rated too. If more want to get the reviews, start to make them tip for the reviews. This is a great way to restart the conversations.

Behave as if someone in the group PMed you and are responding to their question.

Start the conversation with a silly quote like


“Say what?”


and start giggling. The rest of the people in the chat room will wonder what you are giggling or laughing about. You may also post something like


” … mmm I love it and would love to do it in private”.


“I will go private in 15 minutes”.

The rest of the members will join to know what you want to do in private. Come up with an act to perform in private and invite them to tip and watch the show. You will surely get a few interest clients joining you.

Out of the blue, you can start caressing your body and giggling like crazy

…and the type “…mmmh I cannot stop thinking about last night” This should get your clients’ attention to know what you did on the last night. You can start the conversation from that point. Otherwise, this is a great opportunity to get your clients to the private for the show. Offer them a chance to experience what you did last night by meeting you in private and of course comes with a tip.

Do a lap dance or a strip tease:

Create an erotic moment for your clients by doing a brief strip tease. Do not show the essentials but keep them imagining what is hidden behind the clothing. Invite everyone that is interested in the striptease to join you in the private chat for them to see everything.

Create some jealousy among your clients by suggesting that there none of them is really good in bed.

They will come out guns blazing with each trying to show that he is better than the rest of the members of the group. You can also ask them to define the best girl that they met. In the bid to show the masculine pride, they will start talking about all sorts of girls that they have come up with. Invite them to the private chat to have a one-one review of your body and beauty. You will find several joining the bandwagon and tipping you in the process. You can use a lap dance or striptease and invite them to make comments.


You can try any of these camming tips at a time. They indeed help in keeping the dead time to a bare minimum. Once you start the conversation, other guys will get into the room just to listen to the juicy conversations taking place. From the group, you should produce some people that are willing to pay for a private show. You will also get others bookmarking you as a favorite and come later in the future.

Whether the moment brings you money or not, use the dead time to loop in guys to your room and start the conversation. It is a great time too to pitch other services that you offer on your profile and get people to buy them. One thing that you should put in mind is that you should never give out everything on free shows. If they see it all, they will not have the motivation to spend on you in the private show. Rather, make them imagine and create an erotic suspense around the show once they start talking. Reserve the very best performances for the private show. You will find hungry clients following you to the private show and paying for it too.