As a successful cam girl who isn’t shy about sharing all the juicy details of my job, I get a lot of girls – fresh to the business, and eager to find out everything there is to know – asking me loads of questions about every aspect of camming. I’m always happy to share my wisdom and advice, because it wasn’t so long ago that I decided to quit my office job, set up my webcam and start making my money via stripping online. As I tell everybody; I’ve never looked back, but if it wasn’t for my good friend Sarah and her invaluable advice, who’d already established herself as an online sex kitten, I never would have gotten started.

So, with that in mind, I’ve decided to put together this blog, which should cover pretty much everything you need to know if you’re considering becoming a cam girl. Unfortunately, just like everything else in life, camming isn’t quite as simple as it first appears. Sure, there are girls out there who are using the most basic equipment and not really making much effort, and maybe they pull in a few punters, too. However, if you’re willing to go the extra mile, invest in some proper kit, and make the effort you and your clients deserve, there’s no knowing how far you’ll go and what heights you will achieve! Now, let’s see how to star a cam show!

how to start a cam show – Setting up your equipment

When you think how to start a cam show, you can think it is the same as starting a new business. Every job requires the right tools, and this is as true for being a cam girl as it is for being a gardener, a dentist, or a construction worker. It goes without saying that in order to connect with clients worldwide online, and in order to offer them a first class erotic service, you need a computer or laptop set up with decent, high speed broadband. In fact, the minimum requirement uploading speed recommended for camming is 1.5Mbs – if you can’t manage that, then you need to sort your kit out, because your clients won’t tolerate even a moment of lagging!

The other obvious point to make on how to start a cam show is that in order to be a cam girl, you sure as heck need a good webcam. This is your money maker, and as such, it’s well worth getting a top of the range one which isn’t going to let you down. Lots of top cam girls nowadays are using multiple webcams to get several angles going on, and ones which can be operated via remote control, in order to always catch your best side! Don’t go for the budget cams or low quality integrated cams – do make sure you spend a decent amount of money, in order to get one which is going to do the job properly.

Camera and Light Settings

20% of time you need to spend on how to start a cam show is about choosing camera and right lighting setup. Web camming is all about looking your best, all the time. In many ways, it’s a lot like more conventional modeling; you need to use the tricks of the trade to bring out your best features, and to beautify your body at all times. Lighting is your friend here, and with a few simple techniques, you can massively improve the impact your image makes when your client clicks on your avatar.

Firstly, make sure that the color settings on your webcam are at their optimal effectiveness. It’s all too easy to look ghostly white and washed out if the color temperature or CRI (color rendering properties) are not correct. You’ll be able to adjust this easily on your computer.

As for lighting, there’s one golden trick for this: avoid direct lighting. You don’t want to be too shadowy, or too bright – best results come with soft lighting from multiple sources. In this regard, three is the magic number: set up lights on either side, and one above you in order to get the most flattering look. It also helps if you turn your bulbs towards the wall, in order to make them less direct. Sunlight is also a big no-no: keep those curtains closed, and use lamps instead.  what is a webcam model and How to Become a Cam Model explains lighting details.

Choosing a site

70% of how to start a cam show is about how to choose cam sites. Believe me, it’s a jungle out there. There are so many cam sites to choose from, and it can be bewildering to select one which is going to work well for you and your needs. I always say that at first, it’s important to strike a balance: you don’t necessarily want to join one of the really big, well known cam sites, where there is mountains of competitions, but at the same time, you can’t expect to make a living from one of the really obscure ones, where you’ll see no traffic. If you have a particular skill or fetish, this is potentially easier – there probably exists a cam site based on your fetish you could sign up to, in which you’re likely to get a steady stream of punters. Otherwise, you’ve got to think wisely.

The main decision you’ve got to make is whether to sign up to a tips-based camsite, such as Chaturbate or Myfreecams, or a pay per minute site like Streamate or Livejasmin. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages to keep in mind. For example, tips-based sites are often great for people starting up in the industry, as you can get a lot of traffic quite quickly, and build up a name for yourself if you have the stamina to log in every day and flirt with your fans. However, the amount you make is entirely dependent on who is online that day, and how responsive they are to your request for tips. Some girls really get lucky on these sites: it’s not unheard of for rich dudes to drop $1000 tips to see the reaction on the girl’s face… it’s not happened to me yet, but I live in hope! Today, lots of camgirls are using vibrators which are activated by the ‘sound’ of a tip, which are a clear motivation to get more cash in the jar!

Pay per minute sites are the more established ones, and most girls who work these sites have regular clients who visit them on a regular basis. They also do ‘group’ or ‘gold’ shows, in which multiple clients can chip in a small amount of money until a target amount is reached, at which point the show can begin. The trick is to build up a reputation, a following, and become one of the ‘popular’ girls – it’s hard work, but it pays off in the end!

The best paying camsites page explains what you need to look for and how to decide which sites to work for.

Along with choosing a site, it’s worth taking some time to consider what sort of payment method you want to utilize. This choice might be based on where in the world you live, how often you want to withdraw money, and in what currency you need to be paid. However, there are loads of options, including PayPal, Western Union, Payoneer, wire transfer and more. Make sure you read each one’s terms and conditions before you commit to choosing one, as it could make a big difference when it comes to your take-home pay.

Setting Up Your Profile

Remember, on any cam site, you’re going to be in direct competition with dozens – if not hundreds – of other girls. As such, you’ve got to do everything it takes to stand out from the crowd. 10% of time on how to start a cam show should be spent on making good profile.

Firstly, come up with a snappy, simple, direct name. If you have a particular fetish, incorporate that into your stage name so people know what to expect.

Secondly, make sure your profile is fully completed. Write down a friendly, flirty introduction, and ensure that all the fields are filled so your potential clients know what to expect from you and your show. You can even write about your hobbies and interests if you think they put you across in a good light – men like to feel they’re chatting to a real person! Also, don’t make promises you can’t keep. Nothing infuriates clients more than girls saying they love certain things on their profile, then not offering them in their show!

Thirdly, do yourself a favor and get some decent shots taken. You can use these as a profile picture, or as additional ‘free’ material in your profile. Many girls also get a free ‘intro video’ shot, too, just to get the client’s blood pumping before they click on your show!

Lastly, make sure you clearly define your sexual boundaries on your site, and be sure to list any fetishes or kinks that make you unique. For example, a lot of guys nowadays are looking for girls who do anal shows. If this isn’t your thing, make sure you don’t list it on your profile, or clearly state that you don’t like it. If you have a particular fetish for anal sex, then absolutely get that across to your punters… shout it from the rooftops!

Getting Yourself Ready for Your First Show

So, you’ve set up your profile, you’ve chosen your site, got your webcam and lighting ready… you’re all set for your first show! For many girls, this can be a nervous time. My advice? Enjoy it! You’re never going to meet these guys in real life, you’re in the safety, comfort and anonymity of your own home, and it’s time to bask in the compliments you’re going to receive and enjoy the thrill of undressing in front of perfect strangers. Believe me, once you get over the initial nerves, the excitement that provides is really quite addictive!

One of the ways a lot of girls (myself included) deal with the nerves of stripping on camera is to construct a persona, an alter-ego or character, in order to make it seem less ‘real’ or personal. There are lots of fun ways you can do this: experiment with dressing up – guys love sexy outfits, costumes and lingerie, and it’s easy to construct a character using clothes and makeup. She can be a sexier, more confident, naughtier version of yourself, or she can be somebody completely new (many girls even adopt new accents!) – it’s totally your choice. The important thing is that you’re smiley, comfortable, and clearly enjoying yourself. Clients love it when you seem to be having as much fun as they are… and all women know how to make it appear that way, even if it isn’t necessarily the truth.

It goes without saying that as well as this mental preparation, a bit of physical preparation is also required. Unless you have a particular fetish you’re trying to put across, make sure you’re clean (and your room is also clean!), with your hands, body, face and hair well washed and looking fresh. Most men like their camgirls to be hairless, so either visit your salon for a wax, or get busy with a razor – not only is it a thrill for the punters, it might also help you slip into your role and give you a bit of excitement too.

Don’t forget…

Above all else, make sure you’re polite, courteous and respectful, and you put across the sunniest, sexiest and most accommodating version of yourself. It might not always be easy, but remember – this is a job, and unless you work at it, you won’t be able to get to the point at which it becomes easy.

Anything you can do to stretch out sessions or gain return customers is always going to be a good thing. So ask them questions, engage them in conversation. After a show, make sure you write them a personalized email or message via the platform – use their name, reference something you did in the show to make it known it isn’t just a stock reply. These little touches can ensure your clients become faithful and regular, and give you longer, more frequent shows and bigger tips!

So there you have it – a rundown on everything you need in order to get started as a camgirl. If I can do it, anyone can; just make sure you’re well prepared, and ready for the ups and downs that come with the camgirl lifestyle! Hope this article helped you on how to start a cam show. Happy camming!

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