Let’s face facts, the camming industry is not the same as it used to be.  You can’t log on and just make 1000NTD an hour like you could years ago. Camsites have become over saturated with models. Also because new sites comes out every month,  customers are spread too.

Well, an option to make more money is to add more eggs to your basket.  With that, I mean split cam your online time while trying to earn money.  Some webcam site are strict on doing split cam. But most of them allow to do split your webcam to several sites. In this page, we will cover everything about split cam.

How to split cam

What exactly is split-camming?

Split camming is using software that can split your camera that you are sending to a stream.  Personally, the best software is called Verysoft Webcam Splitter.  It’s available for download and the purchase price is only $19.95.  You really do not want to use the free software programs that are available, because it will usually leave a watermark and does not allow you the options you will need to properly cut your stream and split it among several webcam sites, especially if you’re using a 1080HD webcam.  The other important thing is you do not want your cam quality to suffer because you chose a free splitter.

If you do not have money to purchase a program, the best free cam split program is manycams. This is the best free program.

What you need to do split-cam?

Let’s talk specs.  A lot of girls will try split-camming with one webcam and a not so savvy machine. Handling one webcam broadcasting to one site consumes more than half of CPU power usually. Thus, you need a good quality laptop or desktop that can handle a number of streams you are splitting.  I would recommend a gaming laptop and having at least 2 webcams if you especially want to work four or more sites simultaneously.

The Internet is a must also.  If you are planning on split-camming, you must contact your internet service provider and request the highest package for upload speeds.  You do need at least 5Mb/upload speed in order to handle 2 streams. This is crucial for split-camming.  Your uploading is not to just one cam site now, you are uploading data to over 2.  Without proper upload speeds, you cam will appear choppy and laggy.  As you stream, you want all your streams across each camsite, crystal clear, in HD, no lag time because you’re going to have a very hard time trying to earn money.

Risks using split-cam

When you split-cam, you have to remember that you must not ever forget which sites you are working on at the same time.  For example, if you’re working four sites at once and you get a paid chat, and you go into your private show, you need and must close out all the other sites you are currently logged onto.  Do not make the mistake of forgetting to shut down a site, and give away a free show.  Not only do you not want to give someone a free show, nudity may be against the rules in free chat and if you are doing that, you can initially get banned from another website, by not paying attention to all of your rooms you have at one time.

Let’s not forget what kind of webcam should I use.  One of the most popular webcams, that I also personally use is the Logitech C920 HD webcam.  I also use my older model that I use for splitting and I have phenomenal a result is the Logitech 9000 HD webcam.  This is the webcam I use with Verysoft Webcam Splitter and never have had an issue.  I get wonderful HD streaming, but I am also using a gaming laptop and have 10 Mbps for upload speeds.  The technological end is very important.  We already know as camgirls, we have to already be our own IT department, but this is a little more advanced, but with these tips you can be earning extra money on those slow days.  The nice part about split-camming is you can make more money faster.  I won’t deny it, most camsites frown upon split-camming, but for some of us, this is something we need to do.  Cuts down on work hours, if we can work smarter and not harder, then why not.

Debate over split-cam

Whether to do split cam or not is controversial topic in cam girls. One good merit to do split cam is that your wait time can be shorten by increasing your exposure to more than 2 sites. Demerit is that your customer satisfaction may go down. Because you need to talk to viewers at more than 2 sites, viewers can see that you are talking or chatting at other site. Viewers take this as low quality service models. Viewers want a model to focus on him because he is paying money.

Another demerit is that if viewers find you are working at other site, they feel cheated because of the rate differences. For example, one site may be charging $2 per minute while other site is charging $2.5. If viewers see you are working at cheaper rate site and providing the same service, they do not feel comfortable.

Tips for beginner

For beginners, I would suggest start split-camming with just two cam sites at once.  For example, use similar sites.  If you’re new and have an account with Chaturbate and MyFreeCams, that would be a good idea to start.  Keep your tip menu’s and your games and what not very similar.  For example, make sure if your split-camming on both of these token sites.  Both should be advertised as 30 tokens for ass and 50 tokens for boobs.  This will also transition you into split-camming in the beginning, without becoming overwhelmed.

If you do not use token sites, you may want to split with paid show sites.  For example, you can log on to Streamate and Cams.com at the same time.  You can still use your tip menu’s on these sites as well.  The only thing is if you’re on Streamate and use their encoder, you cannot splitcam with the SM Broadcaster, you can still splitcam with Adobe, for super clear HD.  You can also splitcam the Adobe Broadcaster at the same time, you just need to open two windows. For the reason of the SM Broadcaster, this is one of the reasons I use 2 separate cams while I splitcam.


I hope these are some good simple suggestions, to get you set up if you are interested in splitting.  Before you know it, it will be so simple and you will definitely be earning much more than you did prior, just being able to log into one site at a time.  Keep those eggs in your basket and try new things to keep the cash rolling in.