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Webcam model tips: How to identify freeloaders from the questions that viewers ask

Webcam model tips freeloaders


Every cam model is doing camming to make some money. It is important that all efforts be directed towards converting the traffic to the paid shows. Unfortunately, there are freeloaders who will not spend a cent on your shows. Especially if you are working at free site such as chaturbate, Myfreecam and Bongacams. The earlier you are able to pick them from conversations on the chat room the easier it is to avoid wasting your time. Here are some ways to identify the freeloaders from their questions in the chat room.

Asking for tons of free stuff

The freeloaders are crazed with the love of free stuff. They would like to see your ass, see a few acts you have seen and ask you to do several things free before they can decide if they will go to the private show or give tips. If a client is just asking for more favors, there are chances that he will not spend a coin on you. Ignore or ban them.

Claim love for you or ask you for a date

Most of the serious clients in the chat room are there for fun and do not get personal with you as they know it is virtual and fantasy. There is, however, little expectation in some viewers that they can meet you one day. It is how you make money by playing the line between fantasy and reality. Within such pool of viewers, there are some viewers proclaim love for you even without spending a cent on you. They tend to distract your show and ask for favors in return for a date or their love.

Their intention is to play a game for showing love for you to get return for free.

Such people are just a waste of time and end up not spending on you. Just get rid of the fellow from the word go.

Moreover, remember you in camming for cash and not to look for love.

Ask tons of questions

While there are those who ask questions while considering spending on you, a number will just ask tons of questions on end for nothing. Here are some examples:

  • When is the last time you fucked?
  • Do you suck dick?
  • Do you smoke?
  • Can you show me your toys?
  • Allow me to take you on a trip (If he cannot spend a damn coin on the private group, he will not spend on your trip!)
  • Are you a virgin?


Most of these questions will not lead to them buying. Do not spend too much time with such kind of people.

They would like to pay using a different method than those stated on the site

This is a definite proof that the client is not going to spend a cent on you. Most of the sites have different methods for making the payment. If the client still insists that they get a different method of tipping you other than the options you have on the profile (for example; bank transfer) just ban those clients for good. They are not any good to you.

You would end up being deceived by those people.

How to increase chance of getting tipped for the private shows

Camgirl tips

Do not give anything away in free chats

Do not be too kind on the clients by giving out free acts or showing your body in the free chat. If a client wants to see something, he must tip and let us go private for the giveaway. If the clients get all they want free, they will not be motivated to buy anything from you.

Take notice of all your members that talk in free chat

Scan the members that are chatting with you to identify those that look serious and those that are just there for freebies. Boot those that keep demanding free things. If they come back with the same behavior, just block them. Such clients are ‘infectious’ and often lead to others asking for freeloads.

If they ask much of your sex life or start dirty talking in free chat, they might not buy

Most of the members that take a personal path during free chats do not buy from the model. They are in it for fun. If they just talk dirty all the time, invite them for a dirty chat in private (of course with tipping). If they are not willing to do so, boot them in the earliest opportunity.

Stand by your boundaries

It is good to state your boundaries at the personal profile. It acts as a guide to members that come for your shows. Never do anything that oversteps your boundaries. Do not be lured to do free acts or fetishes that you do not perform.


On the other hand, there are new members that may not be familiar with how the cam sites work. Do not turn off a member for asking genuine questions about how to tip, how to get into private and other functionalities in the site. They may not know how to navigate the site but are willing to spend some cash on you. Be polite and take them through the process. You may get a great customer from doing so.

Finally, take your time as you handle the clients. Do not ban them on the very first word that they type. See the direction of the conversations and try to direct them to private. You might ban a serious client for misjudging what they want to do.