Finding a part time job in Tokyo for foreigners can be difficult as you know no one and have no knowledge on Japanese job market. Tokyo is one of the biggest city in the world. Thus, there are many part time job in Tokyo for foreigners such as cleaning job, English teaching job, server at restaurant and so on. If  you like to stay at home and work, here are online jobs in Japan for foreigners and Japanese speaking jobs pages. In this article, we will cover how to find a part time job in Tokyo for foreigners as well as how to avoid “black companies” that tries to take advantage of you.

What part time job in Tokyo for foreigners are available?

Since part time jobs do not impose much responsibilities on worker, the type of part time jobs in Tokyo for foreigners is rather limited. The jobs that does not require specific skills, experiences and Japanese are the majority. Furthermore, type of available part time job for foreigners is usually jobs that Japanese does not want to do. Thus most of part time jobs in Tokyo for foreigners are either sales or restaurant staff. Other part time job includes construction jobs, light work, service work and office work.

If you are female, high pay online jobs is available for you. Webcam modeling is the highest pay online part time job in Tokyo for foreigners. Webcam modeling  jobs are online work that you can work from home if you have internet and webcam. It is often considered adult related work but non-nude webcam modeling jobs are available as well if you speak little Japanese. Meiya Tokyo USA is the only agency that supports non-Japanese foreign webcam models.

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How much is the hourly wage?

The hourly rate for a part time job in Tokyo for foreigners is about 1,190 Yen. The rate is much higher than other area as the living costs in Tokyo is higher. The hourly wage is 25% higher if you work between 10:00 PM to 5 AM which is defined by Japanese labor law. Unless you work close to the area where bars and night clubs are, the work load for these time is much less. Thus working at night time can be good idea.

Webcam modeling jobs pays much higher than normal part time jobs in Tokyo for foreigners. The hourly rate is between 5,000 yen to 30,000 yen. If you speak Japanese fluently, the rate can go higher.

How to find part time jobs in Tokyo for foreigners?

There are 3 approaches you can take to find a part time job in Tokyo.

  1. Check free paper

the part time job information is available for free. Most of the time free part time paper is available at convenience store. the famous free paper includes “Town work” and “free an”. There are free papers for your language usually. Such papers are located at grocery stores or travel agencies that deal with your people. When you get to Japan, find out if there is an area where people from your country gather.

  1. Utilize internet

The pro for using internet based job search site is that you can sort by categories. Especially as a foreigner, not all part time jobs are available as some work does not accept foreign workers. Baitoru  is the probably number one source to find a part time job in Tokyo for foreigners.

Also the site has a function to search by train station which is quit convenient as primary transportation in Tokyo is trains.

  1. Ask around people

In Tokyo, there are some areas where bars and night clubs are doing business for foreigners. The famous and the biggest area is Roppongi. There are many bars which are owned by foreigners. You may want to visit those bars and ask if they are hiring foreigners.

There are many types of part time jobs in Japan. Check out this article to find out the best part time jobs in japan for international students. Some of the part time jobs are really easy jobs that you can read manga while you work.

How to apply for part time job in Tokyo for foreigners?

Probably the process itself is the same as what you need to do in your country. First thing you need to do is to call them to see if the position is still available. If it is, you will be asked to come to see the person who is responsible for filling the position. The unique thing about job interview in Japan is that sometime you need to prepare resume in hand writing with a face picture attached to it. There is no law that does not prevent discrimination based on appearance. Thus, if the person does not like your face, they can say “no”. Hand writing resume takes time to fill out. But it is the appreciated as people see it as an effort. Nowadays, such custom has been changing in which many companies accept typed resume. For your case as a foreigner, it is likely that you do not need to write your resume in hand writing.

Avoid “Black companies”!

part time job in Tokyo for foreigners

As of today, the job market in Japan is seller’s market due to the fact that the economy is getting better and population decline. The industries that are facing serious lack of labor issue are restaurant and retail industry which Japanese often consider them as “Black industry”. The notion of “Black” comes up recently. The black companies or black industry is defined as companies/industry that do not follow labor law. The typical signs of these are

  • Always recruiting workers
  • Long work hours
  • Do not pay overtime or pay reduced rate for over time
  • Sexual harassment and power harassment
  • Force part time worker a quota

The black companies that focuses on foreign workers are getting spotted by new lately. Those companies take advantage on foreigners as they know that foreigners do not know Japanese law fully and foreigners do not stay in Japan for long.

How to identify black companies

There is a way to identify if the company is likely to be a black company or not.

  • The hourly rate is too high even recruit statement says”Beginners are welcome”
  • The recruit statement says abstract things like”passion”and “dream”
  • Always hiring many workers
  • Agricultural or home helper companies that issue a training visa


There are many part time job in Japan for foreigners. those jobs can be searched in free paper and internet easily. Preparing the resume may be troublesome as it may need to be hand written.