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How to be a successful webcam model – all you have is 5 seconds !?

How to be a successful webcam model

How to be a successful webcam model requires right equipment, understanding right camera position and light setting, and working at a right site that fits to your potential audience. Assuming all of condition above is properly figured out, this page explains how to be a successful webcam model focusing on acquiring potential viewers.
How to be a successful webcam model is to learn how to get liked by people. Although basic idea of making a good impression is the same as what it is in real life, camming is little different from meeting someone new in real life. When we meet someone new, we unconsciously check if the person has something in common. It is difficult to be friends with someone who you do not share anything in common right? It is the same for webcam modeling jobs.
In order to be a successful webcam model, you have to be accepted and liked by viewers.

The difficult part is that you do not have much time to show that you have something in common with viewers. Usually viewers go into room and leave less than 5 seconds if they do not like it. The key on how to be a successful webcam model is how effectively you can get attention from viewers.

Cycle to acquire viewers.

How to be a successful webcam model

Let’s look at each cycle on how viewers pay you money to help you understand how to be a successful webcam model.

Entry stage

First of all, viewers come to a camming site looking for attractive girls to jerk off. Only information that they see is thumbnail pictures. If the picture looks nice, they decide to enter the room. Thus, attractive picture has to be placed as thumbnails.
Camgirls often misunderstand meaning of attractive. Even if you think one picture is attractive, other especially man often does not think it is attractive. In another word, there is a gap between what you think attractive and what man think attractive. So, you need several pictures first to test out which picture gets more viewers. Try and error is an essential part of how to be a successful webcam model.

What picture to use?

This is very important to think what picture to use. Your picture is the advertisement tool in your camming business to get new customers. Everyone has their own preference including preference on other gender. Some like dominant girl while other like submissive girl. Some like intelligent girl while other like little dumb girl. Thus the picture needs to be chosen targeting a specific audience. It is impossible to be liked by everyone. Most of failed models do not even have idea who are likely to like them. The part of reasons they failed is they did not target very specific audience. The idea is the same as marketing in business world. If you are not sure how to decide who to target, read our webcam model marketing pages.

Checking stage

Once viewers enter your room, you have less than 5 seconds to grab attention. At this stage, what viewers see is how you actually look and your profile. Often webcam models underestimate how important profile is. All of successful webcam models have well made profile. Profile is the one that can show if you have something in common with viewers. Do not misunderstand that you are not making a profile to meet someone new in real life but to attract viewers.
In order to keep your viewers stay in your room, you need to understand what people check when they meet someone new to see if they can like them or not. Here are things we unconsciously check when we meet someone new.

If the way of thinking is the same

When people decide something, they have a tendency on how they decide. This way of thinking can be categorized in 6 types.

Trend freak

Decide things based on feeling. They are keen in trend and always looking for something new. They collect information on things that are not even their interests. They also like to spread information.

Logical thinker

Their primary decision criterion is functionality or how it benefits to them. They actively collect information. They show interests in new things but since their criteria is solely based on their logic, they do not follow trend.

Smart judger

Smart judger’s criterion is a combination of trend and functionality. Once they fall in love with something, they like to support and spread information.

Collective thinker

Their primary criterion is how other people think. They always care how they are seen by others. They do not actively collect information but follow trend when it is widely spread so that they are not left behind.

No risk taker

They do not like to take a risk. They plan things well before they decide something. They also do not like to spend money much. They do not follow trend. They choose things that they know they will be satisfied.

Natural hippie

They do not have any preference. They do not care what people do. They do not care what people think about them. They criterion is if it is easy or not.

Sense of values

We have different values to judge one’s conduct. Such values are formed by culture they belong to. For example, acceptance of gays and lesbians are low in most of developing countries compared with liberal area such as California. When we talk to people, we check things including, but not limited to divorce, abortion, euthanasia, suicide, traditional family values, deference to authority, importance of religion, parent-child ties, environmental protection, growing tolerance of foreigners, gays and lesbians, gender equality, and participation in decision-making in economic and political life.


The better your appearance is, the better chance you have to get liked. Unfortunately, people judge based on appearance. This is scientifically proven fact.

Back ground

People like to find things that are similar to themselves. Where you are from, what you like to eat, what hobby you have, when your birth day is, how many siblings you have, and everything that forms one’s identity.

Targeting and strategy

Do you know who your target viewers are? I mean what your viewers are likely to like, where they are from, age range, fetish, particular things they like and so on. If you do not know exactly who you are targeting, you should go back and read webcam model marketing 101 to 103. These are other good pages to understand how to be a successful webcam model. If you do know who you are targeting, what you need to do is to do a brain storm to come up with what you can have in common with the target viewers.

Combine information together

You know what you can have in common, now it is a time to create an effective profile. Include everything that you think you have in common with the target viewers. If you are targeting collective thinkers, it may be effective to include that you have “xxx number of fans” so that they think you are such a popular model. But such words do not attract trend freak as they tend to like new models.
If you would like to target trend freak, you got to be a new model or have something new that other models do not have yet. Ohmibod is a pretty good example.
If you would like to target logical thinker, you may want to include you give out some presents in return of some points so that logical thinker think it provides more return on spending money for you.
If you would like to target no risk taker, you have to have reviews from other viewers. Without reviews, they would not even try to go into paid chat.

Past 5 seconds wall

Once your viewers decided to stay in you room, you need to entertain your viewers. Here is other page that explains how to entertain viewers.

Returning stage

if you can satisfy your customers, they are likely to come back. Make sure you connect with your viewers after your show so that they will know when you come back to online. In order to do that, include words “add me your favorite” in your profile if the site has such function. If the site does not have such function, utilize social media. If the site has function to send private mail, do not forget to send thank you latter including something that you talked with him. Making a personal letter increases probability that the person comes back.


How to be a successful model requires proper equipment and right condition. On top of that, how to be a successful webcam model requires a strategy just like other business does. Understanding who you are dealing with and tuning to that specific audience must be strategically done. Once you understand and figure out where you fit, you are ahead of the competition.