How to be a good webcam girl takes requires understanding of the viewers mind process from visiting the site to leaving the room after your show. To be a 5 Star camgirl, its not what really goes on in free chat, it is what goes on in paid chat. All of the adult websites have reviews of the camgirl’s performance, which can usually be found on her “About Me” page for more information. You need to get 5 stars, without getting men to give you a 5 star review its going to hurt pretty bad. So how to be a good webcam girl?

More and more of the adult webcam sites have placement. Placement is where you show up on the main website. You really want to be on page 1 or page 2 of the main website. Let’s face facts, the farther back you are, the harder it is for a client to find you. If you are on page 15 lets say for instance. You are not getting a whole lot of traffic to your chat room. How to be a good webcam girl without any traffic? You can not. As models, traffic is key. Traffic is one of the most important factors of a camgirl. Zero traffic equals zero money. Here is how you do not miss the traffics.

Spend time and complete cam girl profile

Failing cam girls usually do not pay attention to their profiles. Some do not complete or write short description about them. They think profile does not impact how the viewers see them as once they enter the room, viewers can see and talk to the live model. It omits important fact. The profile is not only something that viewers read to know you but also an indicator that your show will be good or not. If profile is not written well, viewers think that you may not serve them well. Since they are the one who spend money, they have a choice to decide who to spend to. For example, if you see two restaurants, one with nice clean outlook and the other looks old and dirty, you would choose clean one right? If it looks old and dirty, you expect the service is not good and taste neither. It is the same thing for profile. It is the indicator that viewers check to decide whether to spend money or not.

Good webcam girl has good profile picture

When viewers visit cam sites, first thing they check is cam girls thumbnail profile picture. That’s the only thing that they check to decide if they want to enter the room or not. So, profile picture is the most important thing. The picture that you use has to be something eye catching. Also the picture needs tell who you are or what your strength is.

There are many types of viewers who has different preference. You need to understand yourself to target who you can most likely be the type of. If you have a cute face, you can use face up picture as it is your strength. If you have big boobs, you should include your boobs in the picture. If you do not have big boobs nor cute face but has fun personality, you should use a funny picture of you.

Think from viewers stand point.

It is difficult to think from viewers stand point as you have different view about yourself. First, you need to understand that what you think is attractive is not necessarily attractive to viewer. Good example is the ideal body type about female body.

How to be a good webcam girl ideal body-min

Man’s ideal and woman’s ideal body type is different. This applies to your beauty standard as well. What you think beautiful is not necessarily beautiful to your viewers. The different standard exists among different countries as well.

How to be a good webcam girl body type difference countries

Depending on countries, the ideal body type is different. Thus you need to understand who yo can target based on what body type you have.

Smile and act you are having good time

Ok, you have good picture and profile. Now viewers enter your room. Once they enter the room, what they think is if they can have good time or not with you. Good time means two things; can jerk off and just fun time. As long as you show little nudity, they think they can jerk off. So it is pass the test. Second, if you are not smiling or looks boring, they do not stay in your room. In real life, you want to be friends with someone who you can have fun with. Those are usually someone who smile and laugh a lots. So, if you are not smiling and act you are having fun, they do not want to talk to you nor stay in your room.

How to be a good webcam girl? Tricks you can use

Firstly, once in a paid chat, be very nice to your customer. Allow the customer to know right from the start what is completely off limits. For example, if you do not make it clear and you try to do something your not comfortable with, the client is going to know. You will look inexperienced and very uncomfortable. He asks you to perform an anal show. However, you do not typically do anal or do not enjoy it. Simply DO NOT do it, but tell him first. If you start to use a toy on your anus and your in pain or tell the customer mid way through, you can’t and won’t do it. That will give you a good chance you will not get a good review at all. How to be a good webcam girl is to satisfy your clients 100%.

I’ve been asked what are your limits? I have no problem telling potential clients the facts. I will not do anal shows, I do not squirt and will not play anything illegal in a roleplay show. If I lose the show, I do. It is much better than having poor feedback and also the possibility of getting my account banned for performing illegal acts in my sex shows.

When your client first enters paid chat, never rush because some users get a free 30 second preview. Work nice and slowly, flirt and smile with them. Ask him, so what are you into, or what kind of show would you like from me? If he is perhaps quiet, begin to tell him what you are willing to do. Then maybe flash a breast or turn around and show your ass, and smack it a little. This will normally get the customer to open up and tell you what they are into. If they are quiet, slowly undress and smile. When your nude a little finger teasing on the body works. It will help him build excitement as you tease, and can potentially make your show last a bit longer. Once they see you nude, they will usually ask if you have toys and have you play with a toy, perhaps moaning their name or doing a little dirty talk.

Also, when your customer ends the show, some will just click out and not say a word. Other men will sometimes say thank you so much for a good show. Show them how much you appreciate them back. Tell them thank you too. Use words like sweetie or honey, make them feel important. Remember these guys are paying how many dollars per minute with you. Blow them a kiss on the way as they leave the chat, tell them have a wonderful night or day. Remind them you had so much fun with them. They want that feeling of intimacy with you. Make them feel important. Some of these men are ignored in their real lives by lovers, or may be alone, and for some just love the attention of a beautiful women who take time for them.

how to be a good webcam girl is to please your customer

These are the most important reasons to pay attention to if you want to be rated 5 stars. Rudeness, ignoring them, refusing to do what they request, will get you negative feedback and with that being said, you will make much less money. You do not want to be that model that thinks she can do what she wants because, well yeah it is your show, but the bottom line if the customer is still paying for your time. Group shows are different, but I am referring to one on one shows. Girls just fake it, put on your game face and do your job, and do it well!