The questions that “How much do cam girls make?” is something everyone wants to know. You see many sites saying “cam girls make $10,000 per week”. Is that true? We know from our internal date that cam girls who work at Japanese sites do not make $10,000 per week. We were wandering what if our models work at other sites such as MFC, chaturbate or Live Jasmin, they will be able to make more? If so, we need to close our business down as we can not recruit webcam models, saying “Japanese sites are better”. To answer such question, we asked 9 models who are willing to experiment how much she can actually make in one week at other sites.

Model profiles

Model 1

  • Name: Amanda
  • Age:22
  • Experience: 6 months
  • Japanese ability:conversational
  • Country: Brazil
  • Brief description: She is a medical school student. She works as a cam girl to pay off her debt for her college. She works when she does not have classes. She likes anime which is why she learned Japanese and working for Japanese cam sites. She considers herself as little geek.

Model 2

  • Name: Malina
  • Age:21
  • Experience: 1 year
  • Japanese ability: beginner
  • Country: Ukraine
  • Brief description: She goes to a university learning arts. She was fan of Manga. She studied Japanese to read raw manga from Japan as translated version comes out so slow. She works once a week to make money to live.

Model 3

  • Name: Irina
  • Age:23
  • Experience: 1 year and 3 months
  • Japanese ability: beginner
  • Country: Ukraine
  • Brief description: She is a full time cam girl. She loves sailor moon. She is also a cos player. She took Japanese classes when she was in college.

Model 4

  • Name: Britney
  • Age:24
  • Experience: 3 months
  • Japanese ability: Fluent
  • Country: Canada
  • Brief description: She was born in Canada and moved to Japan when she was young. She lived in Japan for 2 years. Her favorite food is Katus.

Model 5

  • Name: Michele
  • Age:19
  • Experience: 8 months
  • Japanese ability: beginner
  • Country: Canada
  • Brief description: She is taking Japanese classes at university. She loves Japanese fashion and food. She is leaning psychology at the school. She was looking a way to make easy money and found us.

Model 6

  • Name: Olivia
  • Age:25
  • Experience: 2 months
  • Japanese ability: Conversational
  • Country: Australia
  • Brief description: She is living in Japan using working holiday program. She works at IT company. She is a Sushi lover.

Model 7

  • Name: Elena
  • Age:28
  • Experience: 1 year
  • Japanese ability: Conversational
  • Country: USA
  • Brief description: She took Japanese course at university and continued studying Japanese. She has been to Japan couples of times. She a single mother who has one child.

Model 8

  • Name: Christi
  • Age:25
  • Experience: 2 years
  • Japanese ability: beginner
  • Country: USA
  • Brief description: She has been camming at other site. She found us and joined to our team a month ago. She speaks little Japanese. Her favorite food is Ramen.

Model 9

  • Name: Marry
  • Age:21
  • Experience: few months
  • Japanese ability: fluent
  • Country: USA
  • Brief description: She has been studying Japanese at her university. She wants to be a translator after she graduate from school. She is an anime freak especially old ones.

The experiment: “how much do cam girls make?”

Since we know which cam sites is the best paying cam site from our analytical model, the cam sites picked to experiment are Live Jasmin, Chaturbate and My Free Cam. We randomly selected which models work to which sites. Working hour is at least 15 hours. We also asked each models to write a diary during a week.

Amanda: Live Jasmin

Day 1: I have not made a diary for long time since my child foot. So, I do not know what to write. But I will try to write what happened today. I woke up at 9:00 AM had a breakfast. I had toasted bread and coffee. I went to a class today. I had only one internal medicine class today. After the class, I did home work. While I was doing home work I ate Pastel de queijo, one of my favorite food. On the way home, I did grocery shopping. When I got to home, I watched TV and relaxed. Around 9:00PM, I finally registered at Live Jasmin. The part professional photo required is annoying. I hired professional photographer to take my photo. But, I like the design of this site. I am still learning how to use this site as it is kind of complicated. I will try to cam tomorrow after classes.

Day 2: I woke up at 7:00AM. The dog next door is barking. I had egg, bread and coffee as a breakfast. The weather was very nice. No cloud. I saw one car accident on the way to the school. I went to my favorite restaurant with my friends to have lunch and had MOQUECA BAIANA. I went back to home around 5 PM. I login to Live Jasmin after I did laundry. I set the rate at $2 waited couple of minutes and one viewer took me to private. Once the session finished, I went back and waited another viewers to take me to private. 30 minutes latter I got one viewer who invited me to private. I worked 2 hours and made $27

Day 3: I did not have a class today. So I went running in the morning. I had late breakfast while watching Steins Gate. It is such a great anime. I love Mayuri. She is so cute!! I started camming after shower and breakfast. I had 3 private sessions in 4 hours and made $40. Live Jasmin may be not good for me?

Day 4: I went out last night with my friends. I drank little too much. I had hangover in the morning. Today I worked 2 hours and made $49. I had no plan today. So I did home work little bit and just relaxed. I finished watching Steins gate series 1.

Day 5: Today was busy day. I had classes from morning to night. After that, I had my friend birthday party. I went back home around 12:00 AM and cammed 2 hours. I made $62

Day 6: I woke up late and had breakfast and did laundry. I did some home works right before the class. I grabbed beef salads from Giraffas for dinner. Sudden strong rain hit the road and the road in front of my house flooded little. Around 8 PM I logged in and worked 3 hours. I made $39.

Day 7: I had classes from morning. I was almost late for the class. I went to Habib’s to eat lunch with friends. After last class, I went to shopping to buy some makeups. Around 9 PM, I started to cam. I had 3  sessions in 3 hours and made $55. It was nice to know how much I can make at other site and participate “how much do cam girls make?” project.

Elena: Live Jasmin

Day 1: I had such a long day today. I had a mix up at the day care about when I was going to pick Joey up, so I have to pay a $35 late fee. I just paid school tuition, too so I’m wiped out. The last thing I need is a car issue. Mikaela was telling me about this site called Live Jasmin before and Meiya Tokyo offered me this experiment work so I’m going to sign up and see what’s up.

Day 2: So I signed up for the website last night and got that out of the way. I set everything except for the pictures up! I’m gonna eat something light and take some pictures at the park with Mikaela just so I can see if it’s actually worth my while. My work out this morning went okay and I paid the day care their late fee. I actually ran into my brother this morning while dropping Joey off and he made me relax a little more. I’m excited about my new adventure.

Day 3: Sooo, is it just me or is this website slow? I don’t know, I only had one viewer for a long time until I had a private session. I ended up making $12. Not bad but at the same time I thought there would be more traffic. I guess they say patience is a virtue for a reason!

Day 4: It’s the weekend!! I started my morning off with a two hour session and I made $42. I went private with two of my viewers. I’m feeling famous. Not so much. I went back to mom zone and got Joey up from his nap and we went to the park. He’s been really into soccer so I got him a ball and kicked it around. We went to my parents house for a barbecue after and my dad made his ribs! It’s been so long since I’ve had them, glad all that thunder and lightening is done with. I did another session when I put Joey to bed, and made almost $38 this time but the site ended up crashing during my session! Super annoying.

Day 5: Good morning! I had a crazy day today, as usual. I was in a scramble to turn in all of my online homework. My Japanese really isn’t as good as I thought it is, but it’s a work in progress. I’ve been watching youtube videos to make my practice perfect. I made some egg sandwiches for dinner, put Joey down and went on cam. What a waste, I only made $16 in almost two hours. I even took 2 people private. I’ll try 2 more days but my guess is that Live Jasmin is not that good site.

Day 6: Back at it Monday. This Monday was actually not too painful. I cammed at DX live for an hour and Live Jasmine 2 hours. I made $58 in total.

Day 7: To achieve the goal, I cammed 5 hours taking little break here and there. I had 5 sessions and made $94. I am exhausted. I guess if my room is not shown at the front page, not many viewers will visit my room. I counted how many models were there and found 1102 models were online. I guess top models get decent traffic but rests do not. Anyway, it was a good experiment. I may try other site to see how much I can make. I am also curious how much other cam girls make at Live Jasmin. Meiya said once they have enough data on” how much do cam girls make” experiment, they will publish the result.

Christi: Live Jasmin

Day 1: So today’s been the craziest day. I was living like a blogger. Pretty fun stuff. I went to the city to meet up with Chucky for a shoot. We met up super early to get some nice shots. Afterwards we went to brunch at Crepevine. I had a California Benedict. I loaded up the shots on DX live and FC2 live.

Day 2: So I guess even though my Japanese isn’t that good, Japanese website will still take me. Last night was on DX live I ended up making $72 in 2 hours. I went on Live Jasmin today to do a comparison and I only ended up making $48. May be the time is not right?

Day 3: I needed all the coffee in the world today. I finished my two last finals and I’m finally on spring break. I’m going to LA with the girls, so today I’ll be shopping and getting a massage just to get my R&R on. When I got home from class, I cammed at Live Jasmin for about two hours and took two private viewers. I made $69, pretty awesome. I’m gonna go take that shopping with me now, this extra cash doesn’t hurt at all.

Day 4: We’re on the way to LA and our first stop is my favorite Raman spot, Ozora. Chelsea doesn’t really like Ramen but they have sushi anyways so it shouldn’t matter. We’re still like an hour away. I’m probably going to cam when I get there and it shouldn’t be a big deal because it’s just me and the girls, so I’ll do it in the bathroom for privacy’s sake.

Day 5: I’ve been camming on both sites recently just because I was with Dx live for a while. I’m realizing it’s not really worth it because I make so much more with DX live. They really do have a higher salary rate so I’m thinking about closing my Live Jasmin account up once this experiment ended. Their website is confusing so I might not be able to find that button but we’ll see.

Day 6: Today I played in a mini tournament and almost tore my acl. That was crazy! Hadn’t stretched out enough so I guess I was asking for it. I got on Live Jasmin after I showered up and ate some ramen and made $38, no big deal. I’m tired! Talk to you later.

Day 7:After I cammed 6 hours at Live Jasmin, I am so tired. I ended up canceling with Live Jasmin. Their site was so complicated, and I was always annoyed at their lay out. Sometimes the site would crash. I’m way happier with DX live and it gives me less anxiety that I’ll be dealing with only one site!

Malina: MyFreeCam

Day 1: Let me introduce myself little. I am a university student from Ukrine learning art. I got into the world of camming when I was looking for a high pay job. One day I was watching porn, I wandered to know how much do porn stars work. I googled and found it and also found there is a job called cam girl. I was skeptical if such job exists first but doing research I decided to give a shot. Now I am happy working as a cam girl. I have worked at Bongacams before but I do not think I made alots. So I am excited to try MyFreeCam to see how much I can make.

I registered and started to broadcast from 9:00PM. I am not sure what Camscore is. But I guess it is some sort of ranking?I am not used to doing free show. So I was uncomfortable doing something for free. There were so many people asking me stand up, take cloths off and do something they want. But they did not give me tipppppppps!! I cammed 2 hours. I got 86 tokens which is $4.3?I need to learn how to perform.

Day 2: After the class, I went straight back to home. I googled how to do shows at My free Cam. After I learned little more about MFC, I started to cam. At this time, I used countdowns. 200 token boob flash, 400 take bras off, 600 a panty off, 1000 play myself. I think I cammed 4 hours and made $53. It is still much lower than FC2 live and DX live I work for. I am not sure what I need to do at this point. May be I need a sound reacting toy? Like most other cam girls are using it.

Day 3: Today, my old friend who is also a manga lover introduced me a manga Devils line. It is about love between a girl and a devil. The couple is so cute together. There are also Anime series. I will read this manga next couple of days.

Day 4: I woke up at 7:00 AM. I had classes today all day. Once I came back home, I read couples of Devils line chapters. After taking a shower, I started to cam. Today seemed to be slow day. But my room started to attract more people after an hour. I was asked to go to a private room but there were many people in my room, so I decide to chase tippings from the people in the room. After all, I made 1320 tokens which is $66 in 3 hours.

Day 5: I did not have school today. I went grocery shopping, cleaned and did laundry in the mooring. I cammed from 2:00PM to 5:12 PM. At some point, I was tired of those freeloaders asking me to do something for free. I wish there is a way to ban those freeloaders if they do not have tokens. But I was lucky that one viewer gave me 500 tokens. So i ended up making 1614 tokens in 2 hours. $80 yay!

Day 6: Today is Sunday, i did nothing but read manga. Almost finished all the chapter. I will watch anime next.

Day 7: I had school from afternoon. After the class, I cammed 2 hours, ate dinner and did 2 hours again. I made $53. Today is the last day for the “How much do cam girls make” challenge. I am not fan of free sites as I am tired of dealing with freeloaders. My impression at My Free Cam is that competition is much higher than the sites that I currently work. There were more than 1000 models at the same time I was camming. I though I would make more but in total, I made $256 this 7 days challenge. If I continue working at MFC, I may be able to increase income by getting regulars.

Olivia: MyFreeCam

Day 1

It has been years I have tried to log a diary. My last attempt had been in childhood and later in my early teenage years. Having lived in Japan for some time now with a conversational level of Japanese, I found myself with a lot of free time. I worked in an IT company in Tokyo and when the working day ended, I found an incurable boredom that made me turn to the internet. That’s how started to cam.

I had seen ads for MyFreecam before, but today I clicked on MyFreeCam for the first time and created an account. With the registration complete, I looked at the options to start my work. Tomorrow I would experiment and try to cam.

Day 2

When I got home from a long day of repetitive work, I reopened the website for MyFreeCam and was invited into a private session. I worked for a couple of hours and made over fifty dollars.

It was intimidating to see myself on the grainy screen of the old laptop that I had owned for years, exposing the most intimate parts of myself to disembodied strangers that lived on the other side of the screen, elsewhere in the world.

Day 3

I woke up early in the day and headed to work through the thick human traffic of the city in Japan where I had been living for the past few months. I never got used to the cold mornings and the smog that covered the city, but I made my way to work with my mind elsewhere.

When I got home I had a few strangers invite me into private sessions and I worked until the late hours of the night, until I had made over one hundred dollars.

Day 4

It was a Saturday and the sky was a clear blue. I had no work at the IT company today and I was instead going shopping with a fellow Australian friend that I had met a few months ago. She was studying on an exchange program and we had found in each other a mutual friendship that made navigating Japan a little easier.

I told her about camgirl job and the kind of work that I was doing and it was clear at once that she did not agree with that kind of work. She expressed a fear about my personal safety, whether I was showing my face and whether the people who saw me online could be dangerous.

She is right. Without taking precaution with identity, being a cam girl is dangerous.

Day 5

After another day at work I returned to cam again, I went from one private session to another before I spent the rest of the night looking up stories of other people who had been camming.

Day 6

I finished work early and decided not to head home straight away. I diverted my walk home to a nearby mall and chose a few outfits to help my work as a camgirl. I would try them out tonight and see how the customers liked them.

I had tried a week of camgirling on MyFreeCam to experiment how much I can make. Some of the customers were a lot nicer than others. The pay is ok. But DX live pays much higher than MyFreeCam.


Day1:             Bеing livе wаѕ ѕо muсh mоrе оf a ruѕh thаn juѕt роѕting рiсturеѕ online today, I сlеаn thе аrеа оf mу rооm dirесtlу in thе view оf thе саmеrа and completed my sign up for “My free Cam”. Mу ѕtаndаrd ѕhоw gets bоring, but it guаrаntееѕ аt lеаѕt $50 a night withоut hаving tо beg thе viеwеrѕ tоо асtivеlу.

Day2:             I may be a new user in My Free Cam site, but I have been camming 8months ago on some other Webcam sites. After I find camming a way so easy to make cool money.  Thе ѕhоw ѕtаrtѕ, аnd viewers ѕtаrt filing in, аѕking mе hоw mу dау hаѕ bееn. Wе сhаt аbоut politics аnd world events, оnlу раuѕing tо dо whаtеvеr action, usually flаѕhing a bоdу раrt that is ѕtill сlоthеd, a viеwеr hаѕ rеԛuеѕtеd whеn thе tоkеn аlеrt ѕоundѕ. I made $75.

Day3:             I kept snoozing my alarm like I don’t want to go to school earlier this morning. I got over the sweet dreams and dashed into my bathroom and I was done in a jiffy. I went straight to school so as not to miss the Japanese classes I am taking. After school, I went to fix mу hаir since I have no assignment. I got home so late but ready to mingle, I роint mу lаmрѕ (drареd in whitе T-ѕhirtѕ fоr ѕоft-glоw lighting) аt mу fасе, аnd рut оn mу mаkеuр, ѕаving thе red liр fоr livе асtiоn оn саm. I made $188 after 4 hours.

Day 4:            Lооk аt thе еffоrt I рut in tо lооking nice for уоu реорlе today. Rеd liрѕtiсk and аll that. Sо ѕtор bеing ѕо сhеар. Well, I made $150 tonight and it was so cool. Yоu wоuld think thеу wоuld gеt sick оf ѕееing my bооbѕ аftеr. I worked for 3hours today and I made 150bucks.

Day5:             I was so busy in school today had lectures almost throughout the periods, thank God no lecturer gave me an assignment, so after fleshing up I turn on my cam begins to the cam. Strаngе rеԛuеѕtѕ never сеаѕе to flоw thrоugh thе сhаt rооm. Onе viеwеr, an еldеrlу man, tеllѕ mе thаt I rеmind him оf hiѕ dеаd wifе. Thаt’ѕ kindа ѕwееt, I guеѕѕ. Hе thеn рrосееdѕ tо аѕk mе if I would bе willing tо wеаr a раir of stockings оn саm аnd thеn send thеm tо him. Hе hаѕ a ѕtосking fеtiѕh. Nоре, nоt ѕо сutе аnуmоrе. I worked for 3hours today I made $85

Day6:           I went for a small shopping as I really fancy Japanese fashion and food even though I am from Canada. when I got home I was a bit weak and don’t feel like camming.  Yеt I did, it is addictive I guess. The viеwеr rеԛuеѕtѕ асtiоn оn the bluе еxеrсiѕе bаll in thе bасkgrоund оf mу frаmе. Thiѕ еxеrсiѕе bаll ѕееmѕ tо hold ѕоmе ѕоrt оf ѕtrаngе роwеr оvеr mу viеwеrѕ, fоr nо mаttеr hоw mаnу timеѕ I tеll thеm thаt it wоuld bе a diѕаѕtеr аttеmрting tо balance on thе bаll whilе mаѕturbаting, thеу mаkе thе rеԛuеѕt оvеr аnd оvеr. As a Psychology student in the University, I know how to play along no matter what, and it really helps. Sоmе еvеn think thеmѕеlvеѕ асrоbаtѕ аnd tell me hоw thеу wоuld bеnd me оvеr thе bаll and “mаkе mе bоunсе.”  I made $219 bucks.

Day7:             No class today so woke up so late so made a Japanese simple food “Teriyaki salmon”, I love it so much. I watched some movies and I went back to bed, in the evening around 5:00 pm I came online to cam. 4hours later, Tоdd a friend who sometimes bаnkrоllѕ mу night, comes intо thе room аnd I wrар uр thе соnvеrѕаtiоn аnd ѕtаrt ѕtriррing, glаd thаt thе ѕhоw was ending already. I made $190 after working for 4hours today.

Irina: Chaturbate

Day 1: First day to this experiment. I read many good thing about this site. I checked how other cam girls are doing at this site. Looks like many girls are using ohmibod. I was wandering how strong the vibrator can be as I saw some girls were reacting quite exaggeratedly. My registration is complete. But the time is late. I go to bed and start camming from tomorrow.

Day 2: My cat woke me up by stamping my face. I changed water and pour his food into his dish like I do everyday. I started to work from 9:00AM. I faced little problem that my camera did not work. But it was just setting problem. As I expected there were many people asking me to do something without giving me any tips. I ignored most of them and included not to ask anything if no tip is paid into room rules. I wander if I am doing right or not. I will research what other cam girls are doing latter.

I worked 5 hours and made $105 today.

Day 3: Today I started to work from 10:00AM. After writing the diary yesterday, I did some research on how other models are dealing with freeloaders. Ignoring them seems to be the best solution for now. No money No attention. I set tip goals for this time. I think this tip goal works better. I had one private session.In total I made $145 in 5 hours.

Day 4: I did not feel working today. So I did not work today.

Day 5: It is kind of busier than pay per minutes site if I want to make money from tippings. May be I am stingy but I think of why do I need to talk to someone who does not give me money?I want to try ohmibot but, shipping time takes long in where I am. I completed 15 hours today. I worked 5 hours with private chat. I got some tokens from tippings but most of token came from private chat. I made $98. My thought about this site is that with ohmibod, it would be much easier to get tippings. If I have time, I may go back to Chaturbate.


Day1: Today is my first-night show after I joined Chaturbate sites. I got home 4:00 pm after work. I run around my rооm, сlеаning up, сhесking how the light lооkѕ, dесiding whеrе аnd how to ѕit, аnd figuring out what I should wear as it is a new site to me. I trу to ѕеt up mу room better than it were when I use Japanese cam sites. My camming experience is less than 4months. Mу hеаrt ѕtаrtѕ tо bеаt with еxсitеmеnt аnd nеrvеѕ. I сhесk my hаir аnd makeup in mу webcam. I turn on upbeat music and gо livе, staring аt the room соunt аnd wаiting fоr mу firѕt viewer to come in. I worked for 2 hours and I made $40.

Day2: Work was not too stressful at my office today; I could have enough strength and time to cam chat. I had my favorite food, Katsu as my dinner after which I logged in. Viеwеrѕ dоn’t rush in likе I hаd hoped thеу wоuld. But I knеw it wоuld likеlу bе ѕlоw at first ѕinсе shows don’t mаkе it to thе front page until they have thousands оf viewers. A fеw people сomе in and out, thеir ѕсrееn names раѕѕing thrоugh my viеwеr liѕt too ԛuiсklу fоr mе tо attempt tо еngаgеd thеm. I worked for 4hours and I made $59.

Day3: No work today I went to one of my friend’s birthday. Sumiko, my Japanese friend we met 2years ago when I came to Japan from Canada. She’s turned 26 years, she is 2years older than me. I got home 8:30 PM, I subconsciously remember I have to log in to Chaturbate to cam. Most viewers are just trying to compliment me into taking off my clothes as if simply telling me that I am beautiful will instantly make my panties disappear. I stick to the game plan stay polite and flirty and wait for them to pay for my clothes to come off. I make small talk with the room and answer the same questions over and over again. I worked 3hours and I made $80, and I logged out.

Day 4: I woke up so early, I have no idea why, I did all necessary things and left for my work, and it marvels me as I had a very little stuff to take care which is very unusual. So I came home less stressed and I felt I would cam tirelessly for a longer period. The show slowly moves forward with each new token goal resulting in another piece of clothing on the floor. Finally, I am naked with my favorite vibrator in hand, and my lady bits pointed at the cam. It’s hard to get off when people are watching, I should get some sort of medal for this public service. The show ends shortly after. I wish viewers a good night and promise that I will be back on cam the following day. I made $150 today.

Day5: I went out this evening with my colleagues after work. I had no arrangement today. We drank a little excessively in the bar. So I began to watch a movie, I completed the process of watching “Nobita’s Treasure Island”. I worked for 2 hours and made $59.

Day6: My day was so boring; things do not go too well in my office. Yet I left a late. I was so surprised, when I saw a chat from the room, “Are you a tight little virgin?” after logging in to my Chaturbate cam site account. I try not to think about the creepiness of men wanting to think that I am a virgin. I replied, “No honey, I’m not.”
“Oh. That’s too bad. I love virgins. How was your first time? Did it hurt? Did you bleed?” The same interaction repeats itself endlessly through the night. I аm tirеd. $120 iѕn’t bаd fоr ѕitting in bеd fоr 3 hours.

Day7: It was my boss call that woke me up early this morning telling me I could stay back home today as he will be out of the country today so I was happy I will definitely have more time to cam, had breakfast and did laundry. Around 7:00 PM I logged in and worked 4 hours. I made $180.


Day 1: Today I went to the Japanese and English immersion school that I want to work at and met the director. It was really nice being around Japanese again, it’s been a while. While I’m at school, I can take night classes and be a teachers aide in the day time. I think it will work for my schedule. The problem is is that I still need money. I’ve been on DX live in morning and will cam at Chaturbate at a night time.

Day 2: Night class was hectic last night but I got home at a decent hour. I signed up Chaturbate last night using my photos from DX live. Since it is token base which is not what I am used to, I am bit nervous on how to ask tips.

Day 3: My first official day at the school went well. I love the kids! They are so sweet. Speaking Japanese makes me feel at home. I really can’t wait to learn more. After work, I had a break before I had to go back to school. I hopped on the camera for a while, on the new site, and made almost $30.

Day 4: I watched some old anime on my lunch break, while I was eating some ramen. Typical me. After work, I logged on again and made almost $38. This website is something else. I didn’t have night class tonight randomly, so I’m probably going to take a bath and binge watch some anime again.

Day 5: I visited with Kat today. We did some drawings of our favorite anime characters at the park. It was really shady which I loved because it’s been so hot recently. I hate this weather! I turned up the AC from my home app and when I got home it was nice and cool. I warmed up some Top Ramen for myself and got on cam. I took my time and went on for two hours. Tonight, I made $62. not bad! I like this site.

Day 6: Today I woke up and added some color to our drawings from yesterday. I want to be able to hang it up later on in my new apartment! I can’t wait to graduate. I just got off of cam and I made $84 on DX live. I’m gonna log on to Chaturbate and see what I can make on latter.

Day 7: Chaturbate is a ok site if I want to work at night. The pay is much less than DX live. I went on today for two hours and made $69. Crazy how two similar websites operate completely different!

So How much did the cam girls make?

Here is the result from “how much do cam girl make?” experiment. The average income per hour for 9 cam girls is $23.53. The average earning is $18.23 for Liva Jasmin, $22.58 for MyFreeCam and $26.51 for Chaturbate.

Model name Site name Average salary per hour
Amanda Live Jasmin $18.12
Elena Live Jasmin $15.06
Christi Live Jasmin $21.66
Malina MyFreeCam $17.06
Olivia MyFreeCam $12.6
Michele MyFreeCam $47.73
Irina Chaturbate $23.26
Britney Chaturbate $38.22
Marry Chaturbate $18.06

how much do cam girls make graph

Cam girls income average with 95% confidence level

From this sample, we are 95% statistically confident that average income that cam girls are making is between $2.062 to $44.997.

The interesting thing about how much cam girls make is that the average between high income cam girl and low income cam girl is about 4 times. You need to note that the date is from models who are currently working as a camgirl. In another word, they are surviving from the competition in Japanese market. It is very common that new models make $0 and it is the reason that new models give up.

From the result, you can see that there are variances among models average earning. Where those variances are coming? This question answers the question on “how much do cam girls make” and “how to increase income” as well. We have a page explaining the factors that impacts cam girls salary at how much do cam models make.

How much do cam girls make at Japanese cam sites?

This is very good example of different site gives you different results. Japanese cam sites are very different as the viewers’ preference at Japanese sites is significantly different from US or European people.

Model name Experiment Japanese cam sites Difference
Amanda $18.12 $33 81%
Elena $15.06 $45.8 204%
Christi $21.66 $54 149%
Malina $17.06 $64.1 275%
Olivia $12.6 $32.1 155%
Michele $47.73 $58.2 21%
Irina $23.26 $102.4 339%
Britney $38.22 $88.2 131%
Marry $18.06 $78.1 332%

If you are thinking that you are not making enough, try other sites as how much you can make depends on viewers. If you are not the type that viewers like, you can not make money. How much do cam girls make? is a tricky question because different sites give different results. In the case of our models, they make much more at Japanese sites simply because they are outstanding in the market due to rarity of foreigners who speak Japanese and do shows in the way that Japanese like. Finding a niche is a great strategy to be a successful cam girl. The competition in camming industry is fierce as all cam girls who are surviving are cute or beautiful. You need to have something that makes you special to survive as a cam girl.


This experiment provided an answer to the question “how much do cam girls make?”. The average cam girls income that we can 95% statistically confidence to say is $2.062 to $44.997. With this experiment, it is revealed that the different site provides different returns. The variance on return can be significant in which this experiment showed 339% difference. Finding the site that fits you to your strength is the only way that you can be successful as the viewer is the one who is giving you money. If they do not like you, you can not make any money. Since income variance is big in each models, you will not know how much you can actually make until you try. You may make $0, but it is just the fact that you are not working at a right site or you are doing something wrong.