As we interviewed 150 cam models with diverse educational and employment backgrounds, the talk veered around how much money they will be able to pump into their bank accounts. There was no doubt on their camming skills and competency.

The numbers and responses sparked a fresh array of thoughts. Camming is no longer a hobby. It’s a profession. It’s about female empowerment. It’s about being a powerful web influencer. It’s about being an established web entrepreneur. It’s about creating a legacy.

Female Empowerment — Cam Model Insights That’ll Blow Your Mind

Motivational Factors

It’s interesting to observe that 87% of models feel empowered about their webcam careers. About 78% of the cam models want to build an empire of affluence.

Nearly, 63% want to start their own business and embark on an entrepreneurial journey. Instead of taking the conventional way of approaching angel investors and venture capitalists for their business, they chose to tread this path. Considering the tremendous pressure that startup founders and co-founders are subjected to from investors, this strategy of funding business through camming is indeed a safe one. In addition, there’s no need to accost banks for loans.

There are wisps of compulsions and forced circumstances as well. About 45% of the models want to pursue higher education and required money for the same. A good number of models want a lucrative work from home job and therefore, set their sights on camming.

Financial Goals

A vast majority of cam models were able to articulate their financial goals and retirement plans. Nearly 67% of models believe that it would take less than 7 months to achieve their financial goals.

The current inflation rate in the U.S stands at 2%. The current bank rate is 1.75%. According to many noted economists and finance whizzes, we may soon witness an upward trend in inflation. Cam models are very well aware of this fact. About 45% of webcam models believe that it’s crucial to save money for retirement. Very smart indeed!

Working Hours

The math is simple. The more time you spend before your webcam, the more money you make.

44% of webcam girls spend more than 30 hours per week. Assuming that they take an off once a week, this translates to 5 hours per day.

About 36% spend no more than 10 hours a week.


No doubt, this is a lucrative industry. People often ask me this question – How much money do cam girls make?

Here’s an answer.

Earnings are anywhere between $55 and $105 per hour. In other words, many webcam models charge $1-2 USD per minute. Most of them earn an estimated $300 USD per day or $1800 per week. In other words, they make $7200 per week. That’s awesome!

Women who are into full-time camming make an estimated $128,000 USD per year. Cam models with no experience and best described as beginners / amateur or part-timers make $58,000 USD. The earnings are way more than what a non-webcam model earns.

All these towering numbers bring me to the next question – How to make money as a cam girl?

Read on.

Most of the models believe in diversifying their service and product offerings. Apart from camming, they do Skype shows, sell clips and pictures on popular adult marketplaces, sell adult sex toys (used and un-used) accept custom requests from networks, actively participate in contests and affiliate programs, etc.

A few models are also into adult consulting. Many experienced models organize training and tutoring classes for amateur webcam models.


Let me now throw an insight into their profile.

This pool of webcam models consists of single and married women. About 42% are married. A good number of them have kids. I guess, this would make their sex life a lot kinkier!

A whopping 98% of models have a high school degree. 78% are college or university pass outs. Quite a few of them have a Master’s degree.

Camming as a profession is gaining a lot of traction. The facts and figures clearly substantiate that it’s a way to feel empowered and achieve financial goals.

Stay tuned for more interesting content on adult entertainment industry. Keep reading our articles. Share your thoughts with us. Cheers!

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