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Don’t Know What To Talk About As A Webcam Model? These Are The Best Camgirl Conversation Starters

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Are you a camgirl who doesn’t usually know what conversations to have with your clients? Are you looking for the best camgirl conversation starter ideas on the internet? Do you want to take your webcam modeling career to the next level by becoming one of the most engaging camgirls in the industry? If your answers […]

How much do cam girls make? 9 models 1 week experiments

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The questions that “How much do cam girls make?” is something everyone wants to know. You see many sites saying “cam girls make $10,000 per week”. Is that true? We know from our internal date that cam girls who work at Japanese sites do not make $10,000 per week. We were wandering what if our models work at other sites such as MFC, chaturbate or Live Jasmin, they will be able to make more? If so, we need to close our business down as we can not recruit webcam models, saying “Japanese sites are better”. To answer such question, we asked 9 models who are willing to experiment how much she can actually make in one week at other sites.

Bitcoin cam girls – the future of camming business

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Bitcoin is the new digital asset which has been booming in very rapid speed. Bitcoin cam girls may be the next thing in this digital era. The cam business, is a kind of peep show of the digital era, it has existed for a few years, but as technology has evolved and also becoming cheaper, the cam concept is proving to be more than a passenger: it has created an opportunity of making money in a pornography business that is mainly dependent on the distribution of free sexual content on the Internet.

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