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How much do cam girls make? 9 models 1 week experiments

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The questions that "How much do cam girls make?" is something everyone wants to know. You see many sites saying "cam girls make $10,000 per week". Is that true? We know from our internal date that cam girls who work at Japanese sites do not make $10,000 per week. We were wandering what if our [...]

How To Beat Your Frustration on a Slow Day of Camming

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Being a camgirl comes with frustration on a few levels, one of the hardest levels of frustration is having a slow chat room. Some models have a daily financial goal or other girls have a time of how many hours they will commit to during one given day. But what happens, when you feel [...]

Discovering online stripping for money

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There’s something truly liberating about working for yourself. Nobody to answer to, the ability to manage your own schedule, to take the morning off if you feel that way inclined, and the knowledge that you’re in control of your destiny. Believe me, it’s fantastic… and it’s even better if - like me - you’re [...]

All you need to know to get paid for webcam modeling

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Webcam modeling is turning out to be the future of adult entertainment. There’s something about the one-on-one interaction that webcam modeling, or simply called camming provides that excites users to pay whatever amounts a model quotes. You get paid for webcam modeling while having another, full-time day job and an entirely different life along [...]

What is it like to be a cam girl? Real story from a webcam model

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I asked my friend "what is it like to be a cam girl?" before I started to work as a cam girl. Now It is my turn to share my own story.... It goes without saying that not everyone I meet knows that I work as a cam girl. I mean, while we live [...]