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Learning foot fetish for cam girls

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What is a foot fetish?

It’s essentially a sexual distraction with feet. Somebody with this sort of obsession may like touching or kissing someone else’s feet, or they may like to be in a bad way. Review pictures of hot feet and footwear may likewise be fit for your strengths on the off chance that you have a foot obsession.

Illegal Role play

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There are many types of role play that cam girls can play. However, there are things that you need to be careful when you conduct role play show.


That question gets asked a lot.  Some girls or customers think that race play is indeed racist.  In fact, it’s like any other type of roleplay.  Raceplay is totally fine.  Be sure to discuss what words are allowed from each other prior to a show.  Myself, I am a white woman and get requests for BBC cuckolding.  I use racist words.  I use the “N” word because that is what my client wants to hear. For the most part, these men enjoy hearing a white woman use that word and speak derogatorily towards her race and the men of her race.

The Art Sexual and Verbal Humiliation for Fetish cam girls

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Fetish cam girls can be very lucrative and sometime do not involve any nudity. So why not you start working as a fetish cam girl? We have discussed several fetish genre in the past. Today, we are going to cover the art and meaning of verbal humiliation as a part of Male Sexual Humiliation.

Introduction To Fetish Roleplay Part I

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I am sure a lot of the camgirls out there are aware of fetishes and roleplay. However, there are a lot of girls who don’t really know what these fetishes are.  In this article, I will cover some of the easier fetishes you can include during your time online web camming.  Therefore, you do not have to sit in paid chat doing the same show over and over and over.

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