Well, most girls who start off in camming, generally do not have a bunch of toys, compared to veteran models.  But yes, to answer that question.  New girls can just look around their rooms and use what you think can work.  Simply enough a cute bra and panties.  Perhaps even a tank top, if you have mini skirts.  Years ago, a lot of girls had worn more lingerie than today.  We seem to mostly go with the cute more realistic costumes.  Tank tops with or without a bra to show off that cleavage while you are sitting on your desk or lying on your bed.

While you get yourself all set up in some cute simple things you have access to, and worry about using toys while going on cam.  You can put in your topic “finger play”, some girls will start off until they save some money, just as I had previously discussed in my topic about saving for a webcam.  Plus, once you start making money, you can find toys on many websites rather cheap with free shipping.   Your average dildo you can purchase for under $10.00.  So, in the beginning, you can just use that imagination.  You can also include roleplay shows, being a submissive, a student, a naughty neighbor, secretary, and the list goes on.  Some guys also just love striptease shows, rubbing oil on your body.  These are just some ideas to give you girls that are just starting out and the funds are low.  But keep in mind, as you get into this business….it is YOUR business, this is your company.  You are not just a camgirl, but your own boss.  Your working for commission.  This is just a sales job, you want to sell what you have.  Believe, me its not as hard as you think it is.

Now, lets look at what you may have on hand, do you have a hairbrush?  Oh, how perfect is that for naughty spanks?  Baby oil, guys love to see oil covered bodies and tits.  Fetish guys let not exclude these fellas.  Do you have a sweater, fur jacket, socks, pantyhose, high heels, cigarettes, an accessible shower, lotion?  These will not be become odd requests, trust me.  You have a few of things along these lines, which as woman we mostly do.  These will come in handy.  I have had been asked for the strangest things.  I have personally done a show where I had to show all my ankle socks from my sock drawer.  So believe me, your imagination has to be into this role of a cam girl.

This can honestly be a very fun job, toys or no toys.  Keep that imagination rolling.  The kinker the mind and fun your mind can be and personality, you will most certainly thrive.

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