One of the newest concepts and toys in the webcam industry are the new tip activated vibe cam girl toys.  More and more of the webcam sites are now set up to use these tip activated toys and even if the sites are not, you can still tell your customers how much to tip and how much your vibe toy will vibrate.

Of course, we already know the higher the tip the higher the vibration setting of the toy.  I have personally seen girls who set 1-10 and for a tip and it will buzz lightly and for tips of over 100 or more the vibe toy really activates at a much larger level, which brings the cam model into a realm of excitement and tease.  These toys if can lead to orgasm if the tippers are doing the right thing for these models.

Let’s talk a little about these cam girl toys, which are the newest thing in the world of cam modeling.

There are 2 different brands of these toys, that girls are using to make their shows interactive, where customers can try and control their vibe.   This is the toy that has pretty much replaced the days of the “Hitachi”, which of course is still a popular toy.  These toys are used I would say by about 50% of webcam models, to entice tipping in free chat or token based chat sites.

Let’s talk about these toys and what is the difference and if there is really a big difference as far as reviews, price, popularity, etc.

Cam girl toys: Lush 3

cam girl toys lovesense

Probably the best’ value for money’ cam girl sex toy on the market, the Lovense Lush 3 is a well-made egg vibrator. The upgraded design features a redesigned antenna allows for better connectivity. Cam girls will find it helpful, especially because of the pink tail that improves response time and shows their patrons that they really are using a tip-activated sex toy. The combination of efficiency in terms of better connectivity and ergonomic display for the camera makes Lush 3 a must-have toy.
Of course, some cam girls fake using tip-activated sex toys, but why go through all the struggle when you can give your patrons a unique and authentic display with this masterpiece. What’s more, Lush 3 boasts 4.5-5 hours of uninterrupted play compared to Lush 2’s 2 hours. Lastly, the fully programmable remote-control vibrator is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows devices. You can use it with; Chaturbate, MyFreeCams, Naked, Flirt4Free, CamSoda, Bonga, EuroLive, MyFetishLive, Cam4, Camgasm, iFriends, and StripChat.

Cam girl toys: OhMiBod

cam girl toys Ohmibot

OhMiBod is the other tip activated toy that is also used with Bluetooth, which is also an interactive toy for customers on webcam sites.  The most popular vibe cam girl toy by this company is the Panty Vibe.  Let’s cover where customers feel they are being scammed.  The OhMiBod, does have a light sensor that can be seen in the panties, which proves your using the actual tip toy, which customers do want to see.  As far as a list of the sites this toy works with was not listed.  I would presume the list is comparable and one other website that I know girls use this toy on and also the Lush is also.

Cam girl toys: Nora

Cam girls toy nora

Dubbed the original Bluetooth Rabbit vibrator, Nora is an incredible cam girl sex toy that simultaneously stimulates both the G-spot and clitoris. Like the preceding two toys, Nora is a big name among cam girls thanks to its unique tip-based vibrations. With its easy-to-use and interactive Lovense camming app, cam girls can regulate the vibrations based on the amount of tip received. This way, the highest tippers get on the driving set, regulating the vibrations for longer.

Nora is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, and PC devices. The toy can also work with split camming and is compatible with all major webcam sites, including Chaturbate, Naked, Bonga, MyFetishLive, iFriends, StripChat, among others.

Cam girl toys: Hush

cam girl toy hush

This teledildonic vibrating butt plug is ideal for cam girls who’d rather put on an anal show in their online session. It’s made from 100% silicone, which is phthalates-free, rubber-free, and latex-free. The butt plug’s optimized base and neck enhance your comfort, allowing it to stay intact and alleviating the possibility of fully submerging during play. It also allows cam site fans to get intimate with you by controlling the butt plug’s vibrations from miles away.

Hush guarantees 1.5-2 hours of continuous use so you can be sure your online sessions will not be interrupted. And with the Lovense Remote app, the performer can easily customize the vibrations, allowing patrons to regulate the experience based on tip amount.

These toys are a good thing if you’re working on any cam site that allows tipping features.  More of the paid chat sites have now brought in the tipping in free chat, which is normally tipping for these toys, boob flash, ass flash.  Unless mentioned, these sites will allow tipping toys, but you are still not allowed to flash below the waist, which is illegal on some sites.  Always check with the cam site you’re registered with to follow their rules.

Now, after looking at reviews on Amazon, all four of these cam girl toys came out with a 4.5-star rating. Of course, the pricing varies as well, and so as a camgirl, you would need to take a look at which might be the right toy for you and also check in on other girls’ rooms and see.  Perhaps girls are making more money with one or the other toy, I can’t really say.  Camgirls will never really tell you how much they make, but you may see how well one is compared to the other.  Because as we know, in this industry, it’s forever changing, and we all find comfort in different toys.

Both the Lush and the OhMiBod are comparably the same price, but the Lush 3 seems to be the most popular by far, if this is something else you would like to add to your chat room to earn more money or change things up.  This industry is forever changing, and with technology advancing, we have more options on how to make money with webcam.

How to Pick a Cam Girl Sex Toy

Like every other sex toy, there are numerous factors to consider when picking a cam girl sex toy. So, here are some of the major considerations to make:

  • Sex toy material. I recommend going for sex toys made from medical-grade materials like silicone, borosilicate glass, and stainless steel. These materials are non-porous, which makes them very hygienic. The lack of micro-holes on the sex toy material means bacteria can’t hide inside, and you’re protected from infections. They’re also easy to clean, making your after-care experience blissful.
  • The toy’s dynamism. Unlike the regular toys, the more intensity levels a cam girl sex toy has, the better. If you have a toy with multiple intensity levels and settings, you can easily configure it to accommodate different tip margins. This way, your cam site fans can participate in the excitement regardless of how much they’re willing to spend on the site. Ultimately, you’ll have an extended demographic to work with, meaning more income.
  • Comfort. If you’re a cam girl, then you’ll want a sex toy that’s comfortable for repetitive use. I recommend the soft and squishy silicone sex toys instead of the rigid ones. And while you might switch between two or more sex toys, a silicone toy will be gentler on you than a solid glass sex toy.
  • Battery life. Probably one of the most overlooked factors when sex toy shopping, battery life is essential. Most of the cam girl toys range between 2 -4 hours, but I’d recommend going for the highest. Most importantly, always ensure you charge the toy fully before starting a session. Your fans won’t be as appreciative of power breaks as you might think.