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Webcam modeling tips: How to deal with freeloaders

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As a cam girl, the most annoying viewers are someone who do not pay but request you to do something. They try to take advantage of you and try to make you to do it for free. There are so many of such viewers at Myfreecam(MFC) and Chaturbate known as “free live webcam site”. Since these sites are marketing themselves as free live webcam sites, you can not avoid dealing with such viewers. Here is tips and strategies to use those free loaders to increase your earnings.

Type of viewers at your room

First of all, you need to understand who are your viewers are. You can segment your viewers into 3 categories: a free loader, a freeloaders with points/token in their account, potential payers. A freeloaders are the one who asks you to do something but never pays. A freeloaders with points/token are the one who are there in your room thinking to pay or enjoying the show for free. Potential payers are the one who generously give you money. In another word, their purse string is  loose. Although we want to target only a potential payer, there are no way of targeting only payers. However, having freeloaders in your room is not necessarily negative thing. There is a benefit to have free riders.

Using free loaders to increase your rankings.

Depending on what the sorting criteria that users use at Myfreecam and Chaturbate, most of users sort the rooms by number of viewers in the room as it indicates if something hot going on or not. You have The more viewers in your room, the higher your room is displayed at the site. The higher your room displayed, the more viewers go into your room not only because the number itself informs viewers that the room has something interesting going on but also it becomes easier for viewers to find your room. Thus

your room being displayed at the top will boost number of people including freeloaders and potential payer who enter your room. Thus, you can use free riders as a tool to increase number of potential payer in your room.

How to turn viewers into money

In order to implement that strategy, you need to be little generous. The basic strategy to attract viewers is to show your body little by little in free channel. In another word, you take your cloths off little by little. The important thing to remember is not to show your body too quick and too much. Showing your body is the tool to maintain and increase number of viewers while that conduct itself can hurt potential earning opportunity as some viewers may be satisfied in free channel. So you need to control how quickly you take your cloths off.


As a webcam model, you will have a lots of annoying customers. Freeloaders are the one who do not pay anything. But you can still use them to increase your earnings. you have to remember, that showing too much also hurts your earnings. Thus, you have to find a balance between not doing anything and doing too much.