Whatever business you are trying to start, you need to make an initial investment that will furnish professional environment. It is the same for cam girls. When you start, you need to purchase professional items in order to start working. This article explains cam girl starter kit that a new cam girl must have so that you do not fail to make money.

Must have Cam girl starter kit

These items below are the list of items you must have as a cam girl starter kit. When I say you must, you have to have it otherwise you will not be able to make money. If you are new cam girl, you may have thought to just to try broadcasting with current equipment you have to to see if you can make money or not before purchasing all the good equipment. If you have tried, you realized you can not make money. If you have not, do not waste your time trying. It is usually the case for most of people to fail making money on first broadcasting without proper equipment. It is not because you are unattractive, it is because you do not have proper equipment to win the game. It is like everyone has an automatic rifle while you have an knife in war. Of course you lose.

HD webcam 

You gotta have a HD camera. Even if you are beautiful and attractive, viewers can not see it without HD camera. Be careful about the spec of the webcam. You need to check 4 things before you buy the webcam.

  1. Resolution has to be at least 1280×720 in order to show yourself beautiful.
  2. Frame rate has to be more than 30 frames per seconds at 1280×720. Specification of the webcam sometime does not say frame rate at what resolution. Make sure to check if the displayed frame rate is at 1280×720.
  3. Adjustability is important as you are not sitting right in front of the computer all the time while you do your show. Up and down adjustment and left and right adjustment are nice to have
  4. Good Auto focus ability is definitely helpful for you to perform the job. You may change your position while you are in show. Every time you move, the webcam needs to adjust its focus. Crappy auto focus webcam takes time to adjust.

With this in mind, I recommend the webcam below.

Logitec webcam c920

This webcam is like standard webcam for cam girls. The price is not that expensive(About $40 at Amazon). It is 1280×720 resolution at 30 fps. It can adjust up and down. Logitec webcam has the best auto focus software. Sadly this webcam does not have a function to adjust its direction right and left. But it is cheap for the great quality.

cam girl starter kit webcam

High speed internet

In order to use HD webcam, you have to have high speed internet. The upload speed must be at least 1.5 mbps. High speed internet costs $40 to $60 per months depending on providers. It also requires long term contract. Getting high speed internet can be tough decision to make as it is costly and requires long term contract. But you have to have this if you want to make big money.

Good lighting system

You got a good webcam with high speed internet to show your body. Now, you have to have good lighting system to make yourself look good. The good lighting system is not something you have to buy if you have some desk lights. The purpose of good lighting system is to have no shade on your face. Having shade on your face will make you look old. in order to avoid that, you want to have indirect lights preferably from more than two spots.

Cam girl starter kit lighting

Amazon is perhaps the best place to find affordable lighting set. Here is the example of good lighting set.

Cam girl starter kit: good to have

These three things above are must have cam girl starter kit in order to start making money. If you have extra cash to invest little more, here are things you want to look at.


Good to have cam girl starter kits

If you want to disguise your online identity from your real identity, using a wig is good strategy. Do not get a cheap wig as the quality is so bad that it tangles with one time use. The quality of wig is proportion to its price. Anything under $15 is not good. The material of affordable wig is synthetic fiber which is weak against heat. But there are heat resistance wigs. If you want to curl or straighten the wig, get the heat resistance wig.

Music driven vibrator

Good to have cam girl starter kits music driven vibrator

The most known music driven vibrator in the market is Ohmibod. There is no use of music driven vibrator if you do not plant to work at tip based cam sites. Music driven vibrator vibrates with music. How cam girls uses these vibrator is that they connect it to the tipping sounds from cam sites so that viewers can interact with cam girls through tipping. It created a whole another interaction system between cam girls and viewers. If you are not confident to entertain viewers with your talking skills and flirting skills, it may be good idea to use one of music driven vibrators.

Sexy underwear

Good to have cam girl starter kits sexy underwear

You may think it is extremely necessary to have sexy underwear. But, actuality is that man does not care much about underwear as long as it is not an old granny underwear. The gift is important rather than wrapping paper. Thus, you do not need to invest in sexy underwear if you do not have money.

The cost of cam girl starter kit

The must have cam girl starter kit are HD webcam, High speed internet and lighting.

  • HD webcam costs about $40
  • High speed internet costs about $40 to $60
  • Lighting costs about $40 for two lighting. 

The total is $120 to $140. Considering how much cam girls make, the initial investment for cam girl starter kit will be paid off in one or two days. It is actually great investment as the return is much bigger than not purchasing these equipment. In other words, not getting those equipment cost you more as opportunity costs are big. Again, I would like to emphasize how important these equipment are. If you do not have those equipment, you are pretty much doomed to failure.


Cam girl starter kit you have to have are HD webcam, High speed internet and lighting. If you have those, you are ready to go. Those things do not cost much. The initial investment will be paid off very quickly if you start to work as a cam girl. Just make few clicks at Amazon and get the equipment. Without those, you will not be able to make money at all.