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All the facts about cam girl jobs

Cam girls job

If you type “cam girl jobs” in google, you see many ads saying “High pay! $5000/w” or “Cam girls make $10,000/Month, no experience needed”. you will probably wander” Are cam girl jobs really that much profitable?” Cam girl jobs usually pay more than the most of normal jobs. But how much do webcam models make? Before you decide to work as a cam girl, let’s go through actuality of cam girl jobs.

What is cam girl jobs?

When you see the word “webcam modeling” or “cam girl jobs”, you probably wander what it is. How can you make money with webcam?Webcam modeling jobs are jobs that you can work from anywhere as long as you have internet and webcam. It is an entertaining work talking to people through webcam. Usually sexual conducts are involved. Non-nude webcam modeling jobs are available as well but that requires high talking skills to entertain viewers as well as good looking. Non-nude webcam modeling jobs are more like being an sexy idol or celebrity.

The webcam modeling jobs are usually not employer-employee relationship. It is independent contractor type of jobs. Another word, the money you make is yours. But if you do not make any, you do not get any. You usually need to register at cam sites unless you already have regular customers in hand. Live webcam sites are like stores that sell live video. Webcam models are producers that make live shows.

How do you make money?

There are several ways to make money from webcam model jobs. But where money is coming from is all same, viewers. So the viewers are your customers. Your job is to entertain viewers so they pay you and come back.

The way you make money depends on which site you work as the cam sites have their own strategy on how they sell themselves to market. But in broad definition, there are 2 ways to make money.

tipping base

Webcam modeling jobs tips

One system that cam sites utilize as the way to make money is tipping. This way is usually utilized at so-called “free cam site” such as Myfreecam and Chaturbate. The models at such free sites need to perform for free. If viewers are satisfied, they tip you. This system is very appealing to viewers as they can watch the shows for free. Thus the traffic that such free sites have are much higher compared with other type of sites explained latter.

The difficulty on free sites is top models get most of viewers at the site. Since number of viewers in your room impacts where your thumbnail is displayed, often the case that your room is displayed at the end of the page which viewers do not check. However, most of the sites have promotion period which attracts viewers. If you can not build regular customers during this period, you end up getting no money at the end of your cam model career. You can not usually re-register just because you did not do what you need to do. So, you have to be wise learning what you need to do to during this period.

There are some strategies to make money at free cam sites.

  • count down strategy

The count down strategy is to set tipping targets. At each target, a model will do what she promises. For example, at 100 tips, the model takes shirt off, at 200 tips bra off, 300 tips be naked. This strategy will mitigate risks that models get nothing even she shows everything.

This strategy works really well if you have a facilitator at your room since asking tips gives impression that you are greedy. That impression turns some viewers off. Thus, letting a facilitator to do their job avoids such unfavorable impression.

  • Raffle strategy

Do you like to get a present? of course you do. Everyone likes to get a present. Ruffle strategy utilize such physiology. When tipper tips you, give out raffle tickets. The present can be anything including a picture, a video or underwear that you wear in the show. With little present, you would easily  be able to facilitate viewers to tip you.

  • Tip controlled vibrator strategy

There are vibrators that reacts to tipping. Lovense and Ohmibod are the two famous brands for tip controlled vibrator. More details about vibrators are here. With this vibrator, the tipper can have control on a vibrator you use which provide interaction feeling. This interaction adds more value to tipping. Some people have sexual sadism containing desire to control woman. This strategy really work well for people with such desire.

Pay per minutes

Webcam modeling jobs pay per minute

Pay per minutes sites are rather easier to make money than free sites since all the viewers who enter your room need to pay. It is easy to entertain viewers as well because what the viewers who enter your room are looking for is straight. You do not need to be good at chatting with viewers to make money. Just flirt little bit and start your show.

All of Japanese sites are pay per minutes base. It is simply because Japanese do not have culture to tip.

Pay per minutes without cam sites

If you do not want to give out any cut to cam site, you can do so if you have means to find customers. Some models utilize non-adult social networking platform such as snapchat and to find customers. Once viewers like you, you can ask them to pay to your paypal account or any payment processing sites. Skype is the most common way of delivering your show in this method.

One thing to note is that you have to receive money in front otherwise you are risking yourself that you do not get any money.

Other way to make money with your webcam: Selling videos and pictures

Selling videos and pictures are not as lucrative as live broadcasting. But it is good way to make money offline. Once you make videos and pictures, you have pretty much nothing to do. However, you can not sell video and pictures easily if you do not have your customers because you are potentially competing against free porn sites. From end users view, there is no reason to pay to watch your videos since there are many free videos. Thus, selling videos and pictures only works if you have customers who support you.

How to get camgirls jobs?

Getting job is not difficult. It requires with few clicks and submit your ID to the site you want to work for. Finding right site is difficult thing because there are many sites available in the world. Most of the sites are international while others especially Asian cam sites are local site.

What you need to get cam girl jobs?

Camgirl jobs requirement

Although it is easy to get camgirls job, you may need to make investment when you start this career. You may think you can work as a camgirl with your current equipment but actuality is not. Here are things you need to purchase.

  • HD webcam

I emphasizes how important to have HD webcam at several pages. But it is very essential to have this. Quality of built in webcam is so low like VHS video while HD webcam such as logite 920 webcam is like DVD. There are big difference in quality. Thus how much you can make depends on this.

  • High speed internet

Even if you have HD webcam, if your internet is slow, it is nothing. If you are using Wifi, do not use Wifi when you broadcast. This is because Wifi is unstable and has high ping and jitter which causes broadcast cuts off.

  • Good pictures

You are not the only camgirl working at the time you broadcast. From viewers prospects, there are so many choices that it is hard to decide whose room they should go. Having good picture for thumbnail is necessarily in order to be looked by viewers. When you choose your picture, try to think from man’s view. Good picture from woman’s view is usually not attractive to man. Typical mistake i see often is that cam girls choose artistic picture, a picture that face is not in, and wrong composition.

  • Complete profile

This is something that new camgirls tend to ignore. But it is important to have complete your profile. Why? from viewers eye, incomplete profile indicates that model will not provide service that is worth paying money for. You do not purchase new cosmetic that do not have any description, do you? Same thing here.

  • Be over 18

Because cam webcam modeling jobs involve adult conduct, you have to be over 18 to apply for.

How to find webcam model jobs

Juts like other job searching, you need to spend some time to find a good webcam model job. Explained earlier, webcam modeling jobs are not based employer-employee relationship. The income heavily depends on which site you work for and what supports you have. First thing you need to do is to decide if you work at a cam site directly or through an agency.

Work directly as a independent webcam model

Good thing about working directly to the cam sites is you get the  highest payout rate as there is no one between you and the site. The pay out rate is how much % the site gives you from what the viewers spend. Pay out rate is not the only variable that determines how much you can make. How much the site charge and charging system that the site utilizes impact your income. Furthermore, who are the viewers play significant role as well since each viewers have different preferences. Usually webcam sites market internationally focusing on several countries, the viewers you deal with is not necessarily from your country. Because of that, you need to try out several sites to see if you fit to the sites.

Because there are many sites, it is time consuming to decide which site is good for you. Some choose based on review from other models while other try randomly . We constructed a mathematical model to analyse each sites for new models who are looking for webcam modeling jobs to decide which site to try out.

Which cam sites are hiring models?

All of webcam sites are hiring camgirls 24 hours 365 days. Our Best webcam sites page covers all of camsites that we know of and best paying camsites page analyses and recommends webcam site for you. From these pages, go to each site and submit the application from bottom of the each site.(Application is located at footer usually)

Work through an agency/studio

The benefits of working through an agency or studio are

  • Help if you do not know what you need to do.

If you just start out, you need to do try and error to find what works and what does not. This process requires time. It is most likely you waste promotion period while you do try and error. Thus, some models use an agency to avoid such waste of time.

  • If you do not have a safe room

Having a good environment is crucial for webcam modeling jobs. You do not want to your friends or family to enter your room during your show. It is not only because you get embarrassed, it is because you can not bring anyone into the show if that person is unregistered.

  • If you do not have a good webcam or high speed internet

If you just start out, you may not realize the importance of good webcam and high speed internet. Nobody buys an old CRT TV if a high resolution flat screen TV is available at the same price right? Camming is the same. Viewers choose high resolution show over low resolution show. Based on our experience, changing broadcasting resolution from low to high can increase income per hour by 10% to 60%.

  • If you need money right away

Cam site usually pays out 2 times in a month. Some agency/studio has a daily payment option.

  • If the sites you work is not supporting your country

Because camming business is adult internet business, the legal issue is rather complex. Some sites do not allow models from certain countries to register due to legal uncertainty and incapability of supporting models from such countries.

Be careful with agencies that rips you off!

When you look for webcam modeling jobs, be careful with some agencies. There are some agencies that take your money for nothing. The notorious agency known in camming industry is Their fee is very high and they do nothing. If you google, you will see many bad reviews from models who used to work for them. What they do is that once you sign up through this agency, you will not be able to register the camming sites directly for several months. In another word, they bind you by terms and condition that most of people do not read.

Who should look for webcam modeling jobs

Web cam modeling jobs are easy to start. It is a very flexible job that you can work from home whenever you want to. The pay is much higher than the normal jobs. Also it is much safer than other sex related works as you do not need to meet anyone and have physical contact. Who best fits to this webcam modeling jobs?

  • College girl

Going to school costs alot. If you do not have enough money before you enter a college, you have to get a full time job. Going to the school and working full time does not leave you time at all. Most of the time, you end up getting low grades on your classes unless you have superior time management skills. Thus, it is not surprising that many cam girls are college girls. Many work in short period of time and make enough money for next semester. Webcam modeling jobs are great option  if you want to earn a lot in short period.

  • Female young adult

After you finish the school, your first job may not pay well. You may have many bills to pay and leave nothing in your bank account. If you are in such situation, webcam modeling jobs are the perfect fit for you. One of the great things about webcam model jobs is that its flexibility. You can do 1 hour camming at night and make extra money.

  • Young mam

Taking care of your children takes up all of your time. You can not go out and work but you need money. It is such a dilemma. Webcam model jobs is perfect fit if you do not have time to work as a part time. While your child is sleeping, you can make some money from home. Whenever you need to take care of your child, you can just turn off the webcam and go back to what you need to do.

  • Someone who wants to make money in short period of time and relax rest of the year

Webcam modeling is a high pay job. if you work 3 months, that may be enough for rest of year depending on the living costs. With the time you have, you can focus on your hobby, study and whatever you want to do.

Meiya Tokyo USA is the best webcam modeling agency focusing on Japanese webcam sites for people like above. It is high pay, flexible, no one you know can find out and no obligation. Read more why Japanese cam sites are better than other sites.

Things to consider when you apply for cam girl jobs

Do you want to work at home? Or do you want to work at studio? Depending on your situation, the former may be better while the latter may be better for others.

If below things apply to you, you will be better working at home by yourself

  • Know what you need to do

If you can learn by yourself on what to do and what is effective to increase earning, you do not need help from anyone. If this is the first time to get cam girl job, you will need to do try and error on several thing to find your strategy.

  •  Have all the equipment and high speed internet

HD webcam and high speed internet are essential if you want to make money.

  • Have private room to broadcast

If you are living with your parents, this can be difficult. But you do need a private room where you can talk and make noise.

  • Can motivate yourself

Some people can not work alone by motivating oneself. If you work at home, it is very easy to skip work and spend time watching youtube, checking facebook and doing internet surfing.

If you do not think you can do above, it may be better to work at studio.

Studios teaches you essential things such as how to talk to customers, what should and should not do in front of camera, how to build regular customers and so on. Also studio provides all the equipment and place so that you can focus on camming. Because you will have chances to talk to other cam girl, you can make friends. Cam girl friends can be your asset because she will help you if you face any problems regarding your job. If you work at home, you will hardly meet other cam girl in real life.

Working studio can be great as they support you in several ways. But working for studio is not free. The studio takes certain % out of your earnings. There are many studios in Romania, Ukraine and Colombia. Not many studios are located in US, Canada and Australia.

Check terms and condition

If you decide to work for studio, make sure you check terms and condition. Some studios do not allow you to register to camsite directly fro several years after you leave the studio. Also DO NOT apply for This site/company takes fees from you for nothing and does not let you register for several camsites after you quit. You fin good reviews about this site on the internet but all of the reviews are probably done by by themselves. If you check camgirl forum, you can find true reviews which mostly says they are scam.

Mental preparation for cam girl jobs

Being camgirl is great as you can work from home and give you high pay. But this job can be mentally hard if you are naive. As a camgirl, you will be dealing with variety of people. Some are really nice while some are sick. Some curse you, some judge you and some say bad things about your appearance. You have to deal with such stress. So if you do not know how to deal with stress, you will wear out quickly.

  • DO NOT take bad words personally

When you face with viewers who say bad thing about you, do not take personally. These people who say things like that are not happy person in his real life. Because he is having problem in his real life, he says things to hurt you. Another type who say bad thing is the type who enjoy hurting peoples heart. You do not see this type often but there are people like that in internet world.

  • Do not quit your real job

Cam girl can not be your life time career. Once you start working, you will face good days and bad days. In good days, you will be happy making good amount of money. But in bad days, your room is so slow that nobody comes into your room. If your income is dependent on only cam girl job, you will be very anxious when bad days come. That stress can affect your mental and your performance as well.

  • Fear of being identified

Because camgirl job is not something that you can tell to your friends and family, the fear that one day your friends or family sees you at camsites will be in your head. How to deal with it? There are several ways to reduce identity reveal risk.

    • Change make-up. Changing your make-up style does reduce risk that your friends find you
    • Change hair style when you cam.
    • Do not show your face at free mode. Most of paid cam site has free chat mode which s great tool to attract viewers. But because it is free, everyone can come into your room.
    • Do not work at tipping based cam sites. Chaturbate, bongacams, and myfreecams are popular sites in camming industry. If you are confident you can be popular and want to make huge money, these sites are good. But you have to prepare yourself for the worst that someday your friends see you. There are sites that your friends and family will not visit for sure such as Japanese camsites.
  • Do not spend money you earned through camming

You can make a lots of money working as a camgirl. But that income can not be maintained for long. New camgirls sign up everyday. Yo have to compete against these new cam girls and camgirls who have been surviving. So save money and prepare the day that you can not make money anymore.

Cam girl jobs working hour

Cam girl jobs are not like employee-employer jobs. In terms of tax classification, cam girls are independent contractors. Therefore, no minimum wage or maximum working hour limits are applied. Since cam girls are independent contractors, you are the one who is responsible to decide how much and when you work. You are also responsible for securing where you work. You need to have high speed internet and a room where no one enters.

How long does a cam girls actually work in a day?

Here is an example schedule of a cam girl.

Cam girl jobs work hour

She has a full time job during a day. She works as a cam girl at night from home. Usually She works 2 to 3 hours and 2 to 3 days a week. This is typical working hours for cam girls. Another example is for a full time cam girl.

cam girl jobs example work hour 2

She works as a full time webcam model. Notice she splits time for camming. She works at 2 sites at different time. Why does she do so? It is because the high traffic time is different at each site. So she works at each site when the traffic is high. Working at 2 site at different time gives her better income.

If you work as a part time, you may need to work 2 hours ish. but how long a cam girl works usually depends on how the show goes. Sometime viewers keep coming into your room one after another. Some time you do not get much viewers. So the show time becomes shorter.

If you work as a full time cam girl, you may want to work 6 to 7 hours at 2 to 3 different sites. We do not suggest cam girls to work at 1 site for long hours. Not many cam girls know how working hours impact their average income per hour as some people do not track their numbers. But it is statistically proven that longer the working hour at the same site reduces average earning per hour. The smart way of making money is to work 2 to 3 hours at one site and switch to others.

Health insurance, bonus and other benefits

Most of the jobs offer health insurance, bonus and other benefits along with salary. Since cam girls jobs are independent contractor work, you need to take care of those by yourself. However, some studios offer health insurance to its webcam models. But paying health insurance by yourself is way cheaper than the fees studios take.

If you work for a studio, you may be entitled for bonus. Some studios have bonus based on how much you earn. Also some live camming sites have promotion or bonus events once in a month or so. Other than such official bonus, you may get surprise bonus on your birthday if you have good supporters. Make sure to let everyone know that your birthday is coming beforehand so that you do not miss present/bonus from your viewers.

Expense for cam girls jobs

Here are expenses you have to pay if you get cam girl jobs. Some may be tax deductibles as long as it is used for exclusively for cam girl jobs. But the guideline is different among each countries. thus, you need to consult with a tax expert.

Initial expenses

  • High Resolution webcam

If you want to make money, you must have a high resolution webcam(1080p streaming ). Switching from low resolution to high resolution webcam increases your bottom line a lot. The webcam costs between $60 to $100 depending on functionality the webcams have.

cam girl jobs equipment high resolution webcam

  • Lighting

It is recommended to use 2 indirect lighting so that you have no shadow on your face. Even if you look good in front of mirror, you may not look good in front of webcam if you do not have good lighting set up. The umbrella lights can be purchased through Amazon costing $50 to $70.

cam girl jobs equipment lights

  • Clothing/costume

Depending on what type of viewers you target to, you need to adjust your clothing. If you target viewers who have foot fetish, you may want to prepare short skirt and high heels. If you target viewers who are interested in teacher, you may want to prepare glasses and office cloths.

cam girl jobs equipment clothing

  • Make-ups

Do you know if your make-up is attractive to viewers? You think you are doing good job but testing may be needed to increase the income. If you aim for high, you can not avoid try and error to find what is the best.

cam girl jobs equipment make up

  • A wig

You may be afraid of being found that you work as a cam girl by someone you know of. Then, using wig can help to hide who you are. Do not get cheap wig as they look unnatural. Get one that costs at least $70.

  • A toy

You do not need to have one. But it definitely helps your show to get hot. The toy costs varies as there are many brand with different quality.

cam girl jobs equipment toys

Monthly expenses

  • High speed internet

Even you have a high resolution webcam, the webcam does not do its job if you do not have high speed internet. The high speed internet cost varies depending on where you live. But it usually costs between $30 $60.

Initial expenses may be at least $170 if you get high resolution webcam and lighting. Cam girl jobs do not require high initial investments as well as maintenance costs.

What cam girls do other than camming?

Camming is main part of jobs for cam girls. But sitting in front of webcam and entertain viewers is not only thing that they do. Camming is a business that needs marketing effort and quality control.

Creating contents

Do you like to eat the same things every day even if you know you can get other food at the same price that is equally tasty?Probably you would not want to eat the same things everyday if you know you have choices. Viewers at cam sites have broad selection of shows that they can participate at the same price. In order to keep the viewers come back, webcam models do need to renew contents/shows every now and then to keep the same level of quality otherwise the viewers will not come back. Successful cam girls prepare for different shows when she is offline.

It is essential to check what other cam girls are doing, webcam model forum, camgirl information site, news and so on to find a new idea. Once she finds an idea, she does try and error; different cloths, make-up, camera angle, toys, topics to talk about, games and so on. How to entertain and keep the viewers interact is the key thing that successful cam girl always think about. Thus, looking for new ideas and information is a part of cam girls jobs.

Marketing effort

The cam girls jobs are very competitive. Everyday, new cam girls sign-up who are potentially stealing your viewers. New cam girls tend to get attention as most of the camming sites have promotional period. This promotional period is very important time that determines your future cam girl life. Do not think your popularity will continue. If you do not grab viewers heart during this time period, you will end up quitting cam girls jobs due to making small money. How to make viewers coming back? Entertain the viewers is one thing but making a connection through various channels with viewers is also very important.

Social media

Webcam models are living in virtual world. They do not meet with viewers in real world. Depending on where they are coming from, about 50% of viewers want to make personal connection with webcam models. The reasons that they want personal connection is either they want to be treated special, meet cam girls in person.  Those people are likely to become your regular customers. They like to see your personal life and comment on it as they want to make a connection with webcam models. Utilizing social media can make viewers feel they have a personal connection. Instagram, twitter, pinterest are great places to market your self and have interaction with viewers apart from webcam sites. However, how much you reveal your personal life needs to be carefully considered as you do not want anyone to find out where you live and who you are. It is important to learn how to keep good distance that viewers do not go away but do not get too close. Cam girls job is to sell fantasy.

Making them feel they have a personal connection not only helps you to retain your viewers coming back but also ignite jealousy which will increase your income.

Utilizing viewers’ jealousy

Among viewers who are connected with you through social media, you may see something interesting in your room. Some viewers try to show off how much he is supporting you to get attention from you. It is like psychological mounting. Giving an access to your social media account would increase the battle among viewers by publicly showing off that you communicate with viewers offline. For example, viewers commented on your picture at pinterest and you commented back. From viewers point of view, some may think he has a personal connection with you but not exclusive connection as he sees you commented back to other viewers as well. He may be jealous thinking “how can I get more attention from you?”. In order to get attention from you, he has to do something outstanding. He may volunteer to be a facilitator to ask tips in your room. He may give you tips in the way that makes him outstanding such as giving high tips, giving you tips every time you broadcast and so on.

Building and maintaining a website

Building your own website helps to establish your own brand. There are tons of cam girls you are competing against. You are merely one of them. Furthermore, you are merely one of many objects including porn models that viewers jerks off to. Do viewers remember you latter? Usually not. In order to b e outstanding from competitors, you need to have something that is different from others. One way is to build your own site so that viewers remember you.

Broadcasting at camming site is not the only way to make money. Selling private video, picture and personal belongings at your own site can be an other way to make money. For example, your regular viewers would love to see a HD video that you masturbate calling his name. Some people may want to buy used underwear from you. You can sell such things through your own website. Considering the fact that camming sites take certain fees out of your earning, selling through your site is much more profitable. Creating your own website does not cost you much if you hire a freelancer. You can hire one from freelancer matching site such as upwork. The charge for one site costs from $200 to $500.

Keep yourself in good shape

Cam girls jobs is to sell yourself through webcam. Yourself is the product that you are selling. Therefore, it is very important that you keep yourself healthy and good looking. If you get sick, your opportunity costs(Money you would have got if you were not sick) can be high as you do not have paid sick days off or paid days off. Also maintaining healthy look is important as no one likes unhealthy looking woman.

In order to keep yourself healthy, working out and proper diets are necessarily. Thus, working out and eating healthy is a part of cam girls jobs. This is especially important as life of cam girls is not long. You would not make the same amount of money when you are 20’s and when you are 30’s. The earning usually goes down significantly. Thus, one day loss can be big.

Cam girls career path

Camgirls job career

Just like other jobs cam girls jobs career path is base on what you can learn through the jobs you worked on. Let’s see what skills you can learn from cam girls jobs.

  • Conversational skills

Whatever jobs it is, an communication ability is an essential skill. Cam girls job is to entertain viewers. Thus, you will learn how to effectively communicate viewers.

  • Entertaining skills

Everyone likes to work with someone who is fun to work with. Cam girls jobs require not only skills to provide sexual entertainment but also normal entertainment. Once viewers get off, they do not care how sexy you are. If you are focusing on only sexual side of it, you would not be able to get out of one of many cam girls. Find a way to entertain through conversation is essential.

  • Marketing knowledge

Webcam models are business owner selling themselves through webcam. How to sell involves marketing knowledge such as understanding who viewers are, how you approach and how you establish your own brand.

  • HTML knowledge

If you build a website and maintain it, you need to have some HTML knowledge. Learning HTML knowledge is very helpful if you plan to make extra money through affiliate in future.

  • SEO knowledge

Making a website is one thing. Doing SEO work needs to be done for your own website to be ranked in search engine. You would learn what you need to do to rank your website if you make one.

Cam girls career

Cam girl career is short. You can not work as a cam girl for long time.  Cam girl jobs can not be your life time career. One day you have to quit as you realize you do not make money much. Then what are past cam girls are doing? Some do not quit their full time jobs while they work as cam girls. Those are fine as they have jobs. Full time cam girls can be tough to switch their jobs as they can not write what they have been doing in their resume. Thus, some webcam model start their own business. Some start online shops using network they build while they are camming. Some start shops using money they earned from camming. Some work at restaurant. Some become strippers. So if you want to become a webcam model, what you can do is to start as a part time to see if you can make big money. If you can not make good money, you should quit as that path does not get you good life in the end.

Actual income data for cam girls jobs

We have put information together from our internal data to show you profitability of cam girls jobs.

How much do cam model make

The dollar amount is average per hour which includes waiting time in front of webcam. The reality is that there are 30% of cam girls who are not making more than $10 per hour. There are webcam models who is making $0 while there are 5% of models who are making over $80 per hour. Depending on where you live, $10 per hour can be high but if you are living in developed country $10 per hour is too low to be a webcam model.

What impacts income for cam girls jobs

There are many things that impacts webcam model’s income. Lower earning per hour is most likely due to the factors below. Some are easy to improve while some are hard to change. The common reason that low average earning per hour is basic factors are not properly configured or simply she is not attractive. If you are an average woman, you would not fall under $10 per hour if you properly configure basic factors.

Basic factors

  • Lighting

Even if you are beautiful, with wrong lighting, your beauty can not be shown through webcam. Lighting is very basic factors that every cam girls need to pay attention first.

  • Quality of webcam

If you start to work as a cam girl, you should purchase high resolution webcam immediately. Return for getting high resolution webcam will pay off the costs of webcam. Viewers do not go into room and spend time if the quality of your webcam is low. A good webcam is something you must have to increase your average earning per hour.

  • Internet speed

High resolution webcam requires high speed internet. With low speed internet, high resolution webcam can not achieve what it can achieve.

Performing factors

  • Attitude

Nobody likes to see someone who looks bored. If you look happy and vivid, viewers can feel the same. Even if you are not happy, try to act happy in front of a webcam.

  • Appearance

This does not need to be mentioned but viewers like attractive looking woman. Viewers have preference on what type of woman they like. Some like beautiful woman while some like cute woman. Finding where you fit by doing test and error is essential to increase earning.

  • What type of show you do

How much you can respond to viewers desire determines how satisfied viewers are which is directly connected to your bottom line.

Other factors

  • Which site you work for

The site you work for impacts how profitable cam girls jobs are. The best site for other is not necessarily the best site for you. There are many factors such as where the viewers come from, how many models are working at the site pay out ratio and so on. We have a page explaining how to identify the best paying cam sites using our own analysis model.

  • Working hour

From our internal data, we conducted multiple regression analysis to identify what hidden factors impact webcam models income. With level of significance a= 0.05(For those of you who are not familiar with the term, it just means we are 95% confident that we are correct.), we are statistically confident that longer working hours per day and time being webcam model negatively impact the average income per hour. 

  • Day and date you work for

We statistically identified Friday in particular is not as profitable as other day. It may be because people go out on Friday, number of other models is high or both. But average earning in Friday was lower than the other day. I assume this may differ if the site is different. But there is a possibility that average earning in certain day is lower.

Also 23rd is not statistically profitable as other day. Logical explanation would be it may be because the day right before pay day.

How profitable should it be?

In order to decide if you take cam girls jobs as your career, you need to understand how much you need and what you want to do with money you make. The living costs varies depending on where you are located. Thus, it is difficult to simulate how much money you should make to decide to be a webcam model.

One of the ways to consider how profitable cam girls jobs is to consider how much you can make if you become a stripper. Webcam modeling job is similar to stripping jobs. Some calls it online stripping jobs. The better things about cam girls jobs are that you can work from home and you do not need to touch anyone physically. The strippers in USA makes $18 to $30 per hour. If cam girls jobs make more than that, it is definitely better jobs than being strippers.

Other way to approach is to bench mark how much you are getting right now+30%. For example, if you are getting $20 per hour, $26 per hour would be equivalent wage. 30% is coming from social security benefits and health insurance coverage that your current employer is paying for you.

Pros and Cons about cam girl jobs.

cam girl job Pros and cons

While cam girl jobs can be profitable, you may want to consider what is pros and cons of being a webcam model before you decide to do so. Knowing everything beforehand is important to avoid mistakes.


  • Flexibility

Yes, you can make your own work schedule. This is such a great thing about being a webcam model. you can work whenever and wherever you want and you do not need to work if you don’t feel like it. Some of our models travel around the world, broadcasting at the location where they are. Thank to the internet technology, webcam modeling jobs are very flexible.

  • High pay

Your income will be higher than the most of the jobs. Yes, our very top models do make over $500 per hour. Webcam model jobs are very high pay job.  But you have to remember that it does not happen in one day, you have to consistently work towards the goal. Furthermore, because you are self employed, you have to pay all the benefits that you usually get working for a company such as insurance and paid leave. You have to prepare your tax as well.

Generally, it is said you need about 1.4 times more than what you currently earn to maintain the same level of living if you choose to switch from your current job to webcam modeling job.

  • Be your own boss

Having nobody ordering around is such a good thing. You can make all the decisions by yourself. This, on the other hand, means you are responsible everything you do. You need to have an ability to solve problems by yourself. Because nobody tells you what to do, it is very easy to become lazy. Thus webcam modeling jobs require skills to motivate yourself.

  • Can have an opportunity to learn other language

Webcam modeling jobs are not limited in your country. It is an international job. Your customer can be anyone in the world depending on which site you work for. If you are learning foreign language, the best way to learn is to use it everyday. Working as a camgirl, you can utilize the opportunity to speak someone from other country to learn their language.

  • Everyone compliments you

You can get compliment no matter how you look. The world is bigger than you think. There are many people who have different sexual tastes and fetish that you have never imagined. You think you are not attractive? That’s wrong! May be you are not attractive to everyone but there are people who will like your appearance. You would never know who will like you. Some people like only fat woman while others like a woman with armpit hair. The world is big…… There are audiences on the internet no matter your body type or the style you have.

  • Safety

You don’t have to sleep with anyone Being a webcam model means you don’t need to come in physical contact with your audience. This is significantly different from other jobs in adult industry. You would not have to face risks such as physical abuse, pregnancy and STDs.

  • Risk is not high

Risk is less than what you think. The biggest thing that people hesitate to get a webcam job is about the risk that your friends and your families may find out about your profession. This risk is very low as there are more than 100 sites in the world and more than 100,000 models online at the time you work. Often camming sites have a blocking function that you can block country or region. Furthermore, if work at the site where nobody from your country visits, the risk is very low. (For example, Japanese sites!)You can also use a fake name as your profile. You just need to be careful not revealing your personal information in front of your camera.


  • Physical and mental difficulty

Webcam modeling job is to please viewers. In return, you receive money. In another word, you sell service. Not everyone that you deal with is nice. You will have to deal with crazy people out there. Also, it is physically tough as you have to pleasure yourself in front of so many people often several times a day and several days a week.

  • Your info stays in the internet world

This is the scariest thing working as a webcam model. If you are planning to build a career latter in your life, choosing a cam girl as a job is risky thing to do. People may find it out. There is always possibility that someone records your show and upload to online. If this happens, it will difficult to delete completely. However, there are thousands of webcam models working at the same time you work, the probability that your video is taken and uploaded is very low.

  • Someone you know may find out

Webcam modeling jobs are online job that people can see you online. There are possibilities that someone you know come to your room and find out you work as a cam girl. Even if your acquaintances do not come to your room, they may see your room as a pop up at other adult sites. You need to carefully read terms and condition of the camming sites when you sign up. Some cam sites use model’s live broadcast as a pop up marketing tool.

Such risks, however, can be avoided with Meiya Tokyo USA. We are a Japanese webcam modeling agency. Our sites are focusing on only Japanese viewers. Since viewers from your country is none, you do no need to worry about such risks.

  • The webcam modeling jobs can not be your life career

Sadly we all get old. While you are young, you make good amount of money. But It does not last long. As stated above, the industry turn over is high. Everyday, new models join to the industry. By the fact that the porn category” Teen” plays big role in porn industry(Reference), age is the one of the most important factors that determine your popularity in webcam world. Thus, you will not be able to stay top of the industry making big money for long.

  • Instability

It is true for all the business owners that income is not stable. It is the same as webcam modeling jobs. If you work as a camgirl, you would have good days and bad days. Good day you make a lot more than you expect. Bad day, you would not make money much. You would not know when good day comes and when bad day comes. Thus it is difficult to make a financial plan.

Furthermore, the site you work for may go shut down next day. Since these sites are privately held, you do not know if the site is healthy or not. Webcam industry is very competitive which many sites go shutdown each year. Taiwanese and Chinese sites are especially unstable because it is operated illegally.

  • Can be low pay

It is a fact that top models make a lots of money. But there is always other side. 50% of webcam model income is less than $25 per hours. We show actual data at how much do webcam models make? page


Since cam girl jobs do not require high initial investment nor maintenance costs, it is easy to start working as a cam girl. The profitability of cam girl jobs depend on models. While 65% of models are making less than 25%, 5% of models are making over $80 per hour. There are many factors impacting how much cam girls are making. Cam girl jobs require communication skills which would help you in future. But the career of being cam girls can not be long. So, it is recommended to make money in short time and do something else.