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There a hundreds and hundreds of anime out there in the world that no single person can finish watching in a lifetime. And I mean it, I literally tried searching for a complete list of every anime ever created when I started fangirling animes and was on the road to becoming an otaku. I wanted to be able to proudly say the “I have watched every single anime ever made”. But sadly that dream vanished because I realized that I don’t like every anime out there. (Ah the sad reality. Huhu.)


By |September 12th, 2018|Categories: kawaii|Tags: , |

There was a time when you wanted to cosplay as well. Just admit it. I mean, it’s not uncommon anyway. When you love anime, you are bound to get that urge once or twice to try Kawaii cosplay. I know I have. Or still do. So to all those who have dreamed to become their favorite anime characters, this article is dedicated to you! Let’s count down my Top 5 Kawaii Anime Clothes!


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It’s time for every fan girl to go nuts! Because we are now going to count down to my Top 10 Kawaii Anime Boys! Readers, please take note that I am talking about “kawaii” as in cute or adorable. Not hot or sexy or awesome or jaw dropping gorgeous. These guys are for me, adorable. Okay? So, here we go!

Female Empowerment – Cam Model Insights

By |August 28th, 2018|Categories: Uncategorized, Webcam model tips|

As we interviewed 150 cam models with diverse educational and employment backgrounds, the talk veered around how much money they will be able to pump into their bank accounts. There was no doubt on their camming skills and competency.

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