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Birthday show ideas for camgirl

Birth day idea for webcam model

Birthday is a great moment for everyone, not just the camgirls. You can treat your clients to an entertaining but slightly different show as you mark your birthday. It is great to make the show memorable and beautiful for all your clients. Here are a number of ideas you can try out.

  1. Party and drinking show

This is subjects to the particular cam sites that you perform your shows. If the rules of the cam site allow you to have some alcohol in the show, you can have a drinking show for the birthday.

  1. Give the followers a chance to buy a sex toy from a wish list and offer them a ticket to the private show with the toy 

Allow your clients to choose a toy from a wishlist. You can then use the toy in the private show with the buying customer getting a free ticket to the private show. You can have special pricing for the rest of the clients that would like to be in your private show.

  1. Make a wishlist of non-sexual items and bundle it up with some great offers

You can invite your clients to buy you a present from a non-sexual wishlist. These presents can be electronic gadgets makeup or wine. You can bundle up the present with tickets to a given number of private shows or reduced price for private shows for a given period. (Ensure that you give a reasonable bundled gift as the electronics and other items are somehow expensive).

  1. Start a contest

Ask the clients to buy raffle tickets. They can do that by tipping you, and you assign each of them some given number.  You can give the winner a free private show or allow them to choose what you would do in the private show from a list of several options. The client that tips the highest can be given a discount in the next private show or two as a thank you gesture.

  1. Get some fetishes for a given amount of tips 

You can set a given amount in tips for you to do a certain act in private. For example, if you love spanking, you can have a given number of spankings for a given amount a spank. You can do a striptease or even anal at a given amount in tips. This is a great way to entertain your clients and earn some good amount of money while doing so.

  1. Think of a birthday gift that gives on giving  

You can create a wishlist of gifts that keep on giving. For example; If you choose clothing as the main items for the present, you can repay the clients by sending them erotic images of the shows that you have performed in the recent past. If your wishlist includes sexual items such as toys, you can give away some videos of your shows. Your clients will appreciate something in return for their gifts.

  1. Do some wax play with the birthday candles 

The use of the candles in erotic shows creates a sensual feeling for the actors. The show normally involves wax dripped from a candle or landled on the nude body of the actor. You have to be careful though to prevent burns that can come from playing with extreme heat. You have to try the play before doing the show.

The best candles to play with for your show includes the soy candles as they melt at less than 50 degrees centigrade and Bayberry candles ( although expensive) that melt at around 47 degrees centigrade. Avoid beeswax candles as it melts at temperatures of above 60 degrees centigrade and may burn you. Go for drip candles too.

  1. Create a hall of fame

Find a way to appreciate the clients who have tipped for your birthday gifts by creating a board where you write their names. Ensure that the names remain on the board for some time. It shows that you appreciate them and creates a feeling of pride and prestige. However, if your wishlist is made of expensive gifts, consider including an offer with the list of fame.

A few tips to do it right

Do not do things that you are not comfortable with. Remember it is your birthday show and you have to have fun too. Therefore, do not include uncomfortable acts on your list of acts to perform.

Earn from the birthday offer: Make offers with an eye for the money you will make at the end of the show or in the long run. Do not give away freeholds since it is your birthday. In contrast, make your clients buy presents for you in return for something small. If you are smart at this, you can earn well on the birthday.

Do not go against the rules of the cam site. Despite the fact that it is still your birthday, you may get a ban for doing some foolish actions as part of the celebration. Follow the rules to the letter. Otherwise, you may lose your opportunity for higher earnings in the future.