This page will help you to decide the best cam sites to work for. If you are viewers looking for the information on cam sites, this the best webcam sites page is for you. Webcam sites can be categorized into two types: token sites and private sites. The idea of token sites was brought to this industry by MyFreeCams. Token based camming was against the business idea of seasoned webcam sites such as Streamate, LiveJasmin, ImLive, etc. More importantly, such seasoned sites perceived the idea of token based camming as financially non-viable.

The webcam modeling market is lucrative. Every day, scores of models join this industry. Some laugh all the way to the bank. Some draw a blank check. Nevertheless, they are often advised by adult industry consultants, veterans and experienced webcam models to put their eggs in different baskets. In order to identify which site to work, we constructed an analysis model and identified the best paying cam sites. Based on this analysis, we further developed the idea to guide cam girls to decide what time to work based on time zone that they are in. Not many cam girls know about how important what time to work. This concept is explained at best cam sites to make money

The best webcam sites to work for can not be only one but several as there are waves of traffic depending on time. In other words, they are encouraged to create profiles in several cam sites. This brings me a question – which type of the cam sites is better?

Read this article to understand the pros and cons of token and private sites. This article also sheds light on how to start a webcam business for camgirls who would like to be an independent camgirl.

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Things to consider

It is hard to decide which site you work because you are not clear on what you should consider. There are several things to consider in order to find which site is better. Below things need to be checked before you signup.


Traffic to the cam site is determined by several factors such as the marketing effort of the site, costs of the shows and the type of girls that you find on the site. Pay per minute sites targets to a small number of clients that are willing to pay for the services. Therefore, everyone that gets to the site must pay for the period they are logged in.

On the other hand, the free chat sites attract a large pool of visitors and leave it to the models to entice the visitors to pay for the private shows or tips. You are likely to get more traffic to your room and less choosy clients at the free chat site that the paid one. But it does not necessarily mean that you get more viewers who actually pay. Because it is free, you get so many freeloaders.

Work to be done to convince the clients

For the models that work in pay per minute sites, there is less to do in terms of convincing the clients to pay. As long as the client has liked your profile and started watching your show or chatting, you are already making some money. It is a great option for beginners who have not mastered the art of attracting and convincing the clients to tip. If you want to know more about what

On the other hand, you must be smart when it comes to attracting clients to pay for private shows on free chat sites. It is up to you to come up with self-promotion mechanisms to get customers to your private chat. This is a lot harder than the pay per minute site.

Amount of money you get paid from the site

Cam girl income depends on the length of time a client spends chatting with you on the pay per minute cam sites. Many of the sites give you an option for setting the rates that you want but given the competition, most of models set pretty similar rates. It is up to you how much to charge as the model is the one who keeps the clients interested in what you do longer so that you can earn more from them.

When it comes to free chat sites, viewers have no obligation to pay you. You have to entertain them enough to make viewers think that your show was worth or will be worth paying. Despite the hard work of convincing the clients to pay you tips, you may get nothing sometime. However, if you are lucky, you get big bonus tips from a generous tipper in very short time. If your time is limited, you have a better chance of earning more as the model on the pay per minute site.

Pressure on the models

Many models complain about the pressure that they face from some of the sites that they perform. When it comes to pay per minute sites, every single minute that the client spends on your show counts. Therefore, you cannot fool around with the customers. You might feel under pressure to deliver your shows more effectively and fast.

The free sites give model space to play around with their customers before having them pay for private shows. In this model, you are not under pressure to perform as stated. You can afford to fool around and goof as part of the show.

If you like laid back atmosphere, the best cam site for you is probably token based cam site.


The biggest problem with free chat sites is the large numbers of people who come for freebies. They want to have some time with the model but are not willing to give anything. It can be frustrating for the models who are trying their best to get tips.

Pay per minute sites is different. Everyone that gets into the site must pay for the time. This eliminates freeloaders from hanging around the chat rooms.

If you do not want to show your body for free, pay per minutes site is the better option.


The free chat sites give models an option to showcase their bodies and give the prospects a taste of what they offer for the private shows or complete show based on tipping. It is a great way for getting clients. This is not possible on the pay per minute sites. Most of the sites prohibit models to show naked. Finding the balance between free and paid show at free site is crucial as it may make you lose potential clients who would have tipped if they get satisfied by your free show.

Language ability

The customers at tipping based sites are usually English speaking customers. Of course there are people who speak Chinese, Spanish, french, Germany and so on. But an ability to be able to communicate in English is definitely plus. If you do not speak English, this may be the good opportunity to practice your English.

Also if you choose to work at Japanese sites, you do not need to be able to speak Japanese because DX live has automatic translation function.

Which is better cam site??

It depends on your experience and goals that you have for the camming.

If you are very experienced and great at convincing clients to pay for the services, consider the free chat sites. Here you can convince them to spend lots of money on you through tipping or private shows.

Beginners who are struggling to make ends meet should go with pay per minute option as it is easier to make money. It ensures that they get some cash from every client that comes their way. But you have to learn skills to keep customers on the show for long.

Token based cam sites

chaturbate Best cam sites to work for MyFreeCams Best cam sites to work for

Examples of token based cam sites are MyFreeCams, Chaturbate, and bongacams. For all intents and purposes, tips are the backbone of free cam sites. This type of sites have public chat rooms wherein members tip the models for certain erotic actions such as body part flashes, nudity, gradual undressing, masturbation, etc.

Models can set their own tip system. Tips can be used by models to set financial goals, countdowns, etc. Many token sites have other functionalities that let webcam models do private and group shows. The per-minute charge for private shows is often calculated in tokens. Sometimes, the per-minute rates are preset by the webcam sites. Webcam models cannot change them.

Token Sites Pros

  • There’s a lot of interaction in public chat rooms. By all means, models can earn thousands of tokens in a single tip. To be upfront, models in a private chat will take days and sometimes, months to earn thousands of tokens
  • Token sites strengthen communication at various levels i.e., establish bonds of friendship between models and members.
  • More often than not, token sites have a lot of integrations i.e., models can share their social media handles, videos, photos and wallpapers, Skype shows etc. Token sites have many tools that help models to promote and advertise their range of offerings.

Token Site Cons

  • Sometimes, models may feel uncomfortable while performing sexually explicit acts in a public chat room. Private chats are closely knit. Truth be told, private chats have a lot of intimacy.
  • Conflicts between members may arise and may affect the performance of the webcam model. It’s difficult for models to pander to every demand of every member in the public chat room.
  • It is highly likely that someone on your room will be recording you as no registration is required to watch your show. In fact, there are bots which records your show automatically and upload to other sites to make little money out of your video. If you care your privacy, token based sites are not your best cam sites to work for.

Private Cam Sites

DX live Streamate Best cam sites to work for

Examples of private sites are DX live(Japanese), Streamate(Internatonal),  and live Jasmin. Their mode of operation is different from that of token sites. There’s a preset per minute rate and audiences are charged accordingly.  However, there are many prominent webcam networks that let models decide their respective per minute rate. A few webcam models tend to misuse and abuse this privilege by pegging exorbitant per minute rates.

There are provisions for models to participate either in group shows or private one-on-one shows.

In addition to group and one-on-one shows, audiences can also opt for voyeur / spy option. This option lets them watch a private show. Participation of audiences in voyeur / spy mode is disabled.

There’s a public chat room feature available on many private webcam sites. Depending on the webcam site and its configuration, messages typed by the audience are made visible either to all the members or only to the model.

Private Site Pros

  • There’s a lot of flexibility. Webcam girls get to decide their respective per minute rates.
  • Private chats offer a great degree to intimacy. The webcam model gets to perform comfortably.
  • A few members in a public chat may not be comfortable with the fetish offerings of the webcam model. It’s safe to assert that private sites are ideal for those models who offer niche / fetish shows.
  • Since it is private, the risk that someone records your show is very low. Thus if you care your privacy, the private sites are the best cam sites for you.

Private Site Cons

  • The earning potential on private sites is less than that on token sites
  • Webcam girls spend a lot of time on private sites. Unfortunately, their earnings are not proportionately significant. Token sites have an edge in this aspect.

Become an Independent Cam Girl

If you aren’t willing to bet your chances on private and token sites, you can safely hedge your bets on becoming an independent cam girl. Creating your own camming platform can be the best cam site to work for since you will have control over everything.

Most of cam sites prohibits models from doing certain things such as fist fucking, anything that indicate raping, anything that involves blood and so on. Those are niche market but can be high demand. In order to grab such market, building your own site is the only way.

You can start your own webcam site. This brings me to the question – how to setup a webcam site?

Having been in this industry for quite some time, I can assert that creating webcam business is an art and science. Instead of hiring web developers, testers and API developers from service marketplaces such as Freelancer, Upwork etc., purchase an adult webcam script. This strategy saves you not only a lot of time but also loads of money.


best cam sites to work for Independent model

xModel is an adult webcam script created by industry veterans and growth hackers to help cam girls, internet models and adult performers build their own webcam business.

xModel has many features such as:

  • Simple and clean interface
  • Social feed integration
  • Calendar events
  • Multiple payment processors
  • Live webcam streaming
  • Amazon S3 integration
  • Virtual token system
  • Premium membership subscription
  • eCommerce store integration
  • Custom blog feature

You just have to choose a niche, register a domain name and seal an adult hosting deal with a service provider. Go with a dedicated hosting plan. It’s extremely beneficial in the long run.

Now that you know how to start a cam site, let’s understand how to attract eyeballs.

Read on.

Since cam sites take fees to market themselves to bring you viewers, you are the one who needs to do marketing effort if you do not belong to cam sites. You can bring audience from:

  • Social media
  • Steaming and broadcasting apps

Bring Audience from Social Media

No doubt, audiences go gaga over their favorite models’ Instagram posts and Snapchat videos. Instagram is adult content friendly platforms. Snapchat, however, does not allow any adult contents posted. Gain leverage by using them to your advantage.


Use appealing images and provide appropriate links in your bio. The links should direct your followers ideally to your webcam business site. Use hashtags as well. Do not overdo. Use not more than 5 industry- relevant hashtags per post. Use Instagram stories feature to communicate your thoughts.


Although Snapchat prohibits adult content, many independent camgirls use it to gain audiences. Posts your attractive photo and interact with users so that they will become your customers.

Bring Audience from Free Broadcasting Apps

You can bring audiences from popular and free broadcasting apps such as and Periscope.

This app lets users to broadcast, chat, share, and follow their favorite models. The only requirement is that audiences should be at-least 18 years old. However, tweens and young teens can use this app under the supervision of parents.


Periscope is Twitter’s live broadcasting platform. There’s a profile section wherein you may provide a link to direct your followers to your webcam site. There are provisions to block annoying followers.


To decide the best cam sites to work for, you need to consider pros and cons on 2 different types of cam sites. If you decide to work for token based sites, make sure you are ok that recordings will be uploaded. Being an independent model may possibly be the best way if you aim niche. Also being independent model, you will have a control over everything which includes marketing efforts. Bringing audience to your site can be tough if you do not have any existences in internet world. But utilizing free apps and social medias could bring the viewers to your sites

If you have any question or doubts, feel free to shoot them in the comments. We shall reply in a day or two. Start your adult webcam business sans any further delay. Cheers!