Being a camgirl comes with frustration on a few levels, one of the hardest levels of frustration is having a slow chat room. Some models have a daily financial goal or other girls have a time of how many hours they will commit to during one given day. But what happens, when you feel like your sitting in an empty chat room, guys come in and out, and nobody talks, even if you try to make conversation to get the room going. These days can be the most dreadful days of camming. It’s hard enough thinking in your head, I have to make my goal or I have to sit here for the next four hours like this, “Oh good god, shoot me!” Webcam Modeling Jobs have good and bad time too, that’s part of the business we are in.

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So let’s think of ideas to keep that smile on your face because if you sit in your chat all glum and look pissed off at the world, the last thing that is going to happen is you’re going to turn on any men with that attitude. If you have been online for example for a little over an hour and you are not getting any traffic to your room, you have a few options. If you’re not a split-cammer, log off your main site and try working a different Japanese webcam site. You can also log off, walk away for a few minutes.  Grab a healthy snack, avoid the junk food! Maybe a salad, yogurt, nuts.  These foods contain proteins that our body needs.  Junk food will just make you feel bloated and tired and that’s the easiest excuse to land your butt on the couch or taking a nap. Let’s try to avoid that, especially say very early into your first work shift.  Another good idea, get out of the house for a few minutes, since our homes are also our offices/workspaces.  Get in the car and go grab a cup of coffee. That fresh air and change of scenery will give you the boost you need to get your day back together.

This one works also, you may feel a tad bit crazy trying this, but it works. Most men are attracted to cam rooms, where the girls are very interactive and talkative. They see she has a personality and sometimes will join in the conversation unless they are too shy or a creeper. Just start talking in general, tell a stupid story, pretend you’re talking to somebody else. This is funny, I admit it. However, guess what it works. These guys will start talking, your chat room will become more lively and from there you will most likely end up in a paid chat session.

Another thing you can also do is work on side projects or games in another tab. Make sure you have all your sounds on, so you are able to hear someone enter your chat room or hear the sound of a tip or the paid chat show. If you are a student, you can work on homework. If you do side gig work to keep yourself multitasking. It is also another perfect time to edit videos or promote your social media. Do not look at in a negative way that is super slow. We log onto the Japanese cam site, but most of us girls have other things we do on the side, and social media. This is the perfect opportunity to get caught up on your side projects, marketing and homework, whichever it is.

This is also another time, you can visit and view other camgirls rooms to get ideas perhaps to add new ideas to your own chatroom. I will say never steal another camgirl shows altogether but look for ideas.  You can visit rooms of girls similar to yourself and see how traffic is on the website they are currently broadcasting from.  It’s a good way to see how slow the camsite is at a certain time of the day. You need to use your slow time wisely. There is always something that you can do on the side. Write ideas down if you make clips, visit those sites to get ideas. You can always use the slow time online as your research time and set new projects.

Make videos or do a photoshoot when you log off for a break if it’s that unforsaken slowly. That gets you feeling sexy, motivates your inner sexy camgirl. These are just a few examples of some of the extra things you can be doing the dead zones of camming. If you sit there bored out of your mind, not trying to make the best of your time, well bottom line is your mood will not get better. Keep motivated and stay focused and positive.  These are very common methods a lot of models use during the slowest times of the day. We will have slow days. Slow days can just happen, but pay attention to your calendar and what is going on around you. Sporting events, holidays, summer months are always the slowest, stay on top of your game.