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Interactive toys. What’s all the buzz about?

One of the newest concepts and toys in the webcam industry are the new tip activated vibe toys.  More and more of the webcam sites are now set up to use these tip activated toys and even if the sites are not, you can still tell your customers how much to tip and how much [...]

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How to Make Money with a Webcam

The internet is an ever-growing platform and the means of making money on the web are also expected to keep growing. One of the easiest ways of making money online is through becoming a cam-girl or cam-boy. Reading this article, you would learn all the things you need to know and how to make money [...]

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10 reasons webcam model is a good job

A model who performs various acts online via live webcam footage in exchange for money or just fame is called a webcam model. The most of models perform sexual activities live in front of the webcam to entertain viewers to earn money. After knowing how to start a webcam show, it doesn’t take much time [...]

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A real story from webcam model 1 – Discovering online stripping

There’s something truly liberating about working for yourself. Nobody to answer to, the ability to manage your own schedule, to take the morning off if you feel that way inclined, and the knowledge that you’re in control of your destiny. Believe me, it’s fantastic… and it’s even better if - like me - you’re doing [...]

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An article from webcam model: All you need to know about how to get paid for webcam modeling

Webcam modeling is turning out to be the future of adult entertainment. There’s something about the one-on-one interaction that webcam modeling, or simply called camming provides that excites users to pay whatever amounts a model quotes. You get paid for webcam modeling while having another, full-time day job and an entirely different life along with [...]

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Advises from an UK experienced model: How to be a successful webcam model

Webcam modeling is on the rise. You may model as a way to make cash when looking for a job that gives you freedom and flexibility or just for fun. For whatever reason, it is vital that you learn about the loops and tricks of the game just like any other profession at the marketplace. [...]

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A real story from a webcam model – What it’s like to be a cam girl

It goes without saying that not everyone I meet knows that I work as a cam girl. I mean, while we live in an increasingly open world, where sexuality is comfortably discussed and women can be confident with their bodies, it’s still not the kind of conversation I’d want to have with my mum and [...]

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Advises from an experienced camgirl: Preparing For Your First Cam Show

As a successful cam girl who isn’t shy about sharing all the juicy details of my job, I get a lot of girls - fresh to the business, and eager to find out everything there is to know - asking me loads of questions about every aspect of camming. I’m always happy to share my [...]

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Should I become a cam girl? Thoughts and advice from a pro

A lot of girls I know who work as cam girls like to keep a low profile in public. It’s understandable - while this isn’t the 1950’s, there’s still a lot of judgement out there directed towards confident, sexually assured women, and I get why they wouldn’t necessarily like to be very open about how [...]

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