There are many cam sites in the world which some of them are global sites while most of them are local sites. If you have fetish on Asian cam girls, you are at the right place. I will introduce Asian cam sites specifically Korea, China, Taiwan and Japan.

List of Asian webcam sites

Site nameCountryNumber of modelsNude/Non-nudeRateEnglish platform?Comments
DX liveJapan150Nude$2.2YesNo restriction on nudity. The best webcam site
Sakura liveJapan110Nude$2.2YesNo restriction on nudity. As good as DX live.
FC2 liveJapan50Nude28 Yen~($0.26)YesThis is broadcasting platform which includes live and recordings(porn). Some do not show full nude.
Jewel liveJapan50Nude150 yen($1.4)NoModels do not show full nude due to JP law.
ChatpiaJapan160Nude110 yen($1.02)NoMature models
LivedegogoJapan50Non-Nude88 yen($0.82)NoCan talk to 2 models at the same time
MadamliveJapan50Nude110 Yen($1.026)NoMature models
MACHERIEJapan20Non-Nude80 YenNoCan talk to Japanese celebrity sometimes
Angel liveJapan50Nude110 Yen($1.026)NoHas matching function based on your profile
LIVEDECHATJapan20Nude110 Yen($1.026)NoSame as BBChatTV.
Fanza livechatJapan130Nude99 Yen($0.92)NoHas different categories;

Young, mature, non-adult and virtual. Virtual means virtual girl.

Angel worldJapan20Non-Nude80 Yen($0.74)NoThe site is for Japanese but all models are Filipino.
LivejpJapan20Nude108 Yen($1)NoNothing special about this site.
NozoxJapan7Nude$198YesThis is not live chat site but live peeping site. $198 is for 30 days rate.
Mens gardenJapan10Non-Nude60 Yen($0.56)NoThis is the site for female or gay. All models are male Japanese.
Mens live JapanJapan30Nude70 Yen($0.65)NoThis is the only adult gay male cam site in Japan.
Girls chatJapan450Nude/non-nude220 Yen($2.05)NoThis is Mobile only site. All of girls are amateur.
MocomJapan850Nude/non-nude250 Yen($2.33)NoMobile site. Models have options; Call only, mail only video chat.

The site is more like connecting to girls rather than you watch show.

VivoJapan550Nude/non-nude180 Yen($1.67)NoMobile site.
partyliveJapan300Nude/non-nude210 Yen($1.95)NoNot good site as there are bad reviews.
AfreecaTVKoreaManyNon-nudeFreeNoMore than half are game broadcaster.
live 173Taiwan500Nude/non-nude50NTD(1.65 USD)NoDecent site with cheap rate. But streaming quality is not good
First Square Video Performing Arts PlatformChina30Nude???NoI am not brave enough to try this site.
6.cnChinaManyNon-nudeFreeNoBroadcasting site rather than webcam site.
upliveWorldwideManyNon-nudeFreeYesBroadcasting site rather than webcam site. Good to kill time but not for jerking off.
Asian247 Philippine150Nude$0.69YesLow streaming quality with lags. Not recommended
Asiancammodels.comPhilippine100Nude$1YesLow streaming quality with lags. Waste of money.
Chaturbate Asian camsWorldwide130NudeFreeYesAsian nigh time, you can find hot Asians. But you find very few.
Asians at Bonga camsWorldwide30NudefreeYesMost of the Asian cam girls are Filipino.


Korean cam site

Producing porn and prostitution is illegal in Korea. Thus, there is no formally adult Korean cam sites. I say “formally” because there are Korean cam girls who do not care to break the law as the return for that does overweight the risk and punishment.

There are some Korean cam sites in Korea. But the biggest Korean cam site is called Afreeca TV.

What is Afreeca TV?

Africa TV is a Korean live broadcasting platform started its business in 2011. The way that Korean cam girls at this site make money is based on gifts. Viewers who like the broadcaster give money as a form of gifts. Top of the broadcasters are said to be making more than $100,000 per year.

The Business model itself is much like 17 live or that site owner takes cut from the gifts when the broadcasters exchange gifts to money.

The broadcaster is called BJ(Broadcasting jockey). Most of popular broadcasters are female. Some sell themselves as sexy BJ doing adult show(but not showing private parts).

It used to be many sexy shows held at Afreeca TV. But because popularity of the site got Korean authority`s attention, it is hard to find Korean cam girl who does sexy show at Afreeca TV anymore.  So if you are looking for sexy Korea cam girl show, you would need  luck and to do little bid of research at afreeca TV.

How to enjoy Afreeca TV

To watch broadcaster at Afreeca TV is basically free. You do not even need to register to watch the show. There are people who sing a song, dance, discuss about something, play video games, and so on. Weird but popular broadcasting category is to show eating. Some are gluttony while other are just eating.What is fun watching it? People who watch that type of show is lonely. It is an entertainment to have feeling of eating with others. Surprisingly, top BJ just eating makes more than 10,000 USD per month.

Korean cam site eating show

The business model of Afreeca TV is very similar to youtube super chat. If you find an BJ who you want to support, you can give her or him a gift called “star balloon”. The minimum purchase is 10 gold(1 USD ish). By giving a gift, your favorite BJ will remember you.

Taiwanese Cam sites

If you google “辣妹視訊”, you find many Taiwanese adult cam sites. But there is actually only one cam site which is live 173. The sites you find on google are all from live 173 white label sites. White-label is the online marketing strategy which allows anyone to establish own brand website using information from original site. The site owner of white label page can make money if visitors purchase items/points or do any economic activities.

From viewers stand point, it does not matter which site to go in as the point system, charging system and rates are all the same. It is just different design.

How to enjoy live 173

Taiwanese cam site live 173

The site system is based on pay per minute. The rate for 1 minute is about 5 NTD(0.165 USD) for group chat and 50 NTD(1.65USD) for one to one private chat. But, this is just an estimate as the rate of the room depends on the broadcaster who has control on how much to charge for.

There are about 500 models including Chinese and Taiwanese models at high traffic time. There are 3 model types; pure, hot, vague.

Pure models are non-nude models who do not do any adult conduct. Hot models are the one who does adult show. Vague models are models who may do adult show if they like to.

I used google translator to check the site as the site does not have English version. When you create an account, you can not use translator as authentication system returns error. Other than that, I was ok using google translator.

Payment method

In order to watch and communicate with the host, you need to purchase points beforehand. The minimum purchase is 300 NTD. Several payment methods such as credit card and wire transfer is available for foreign users.

Restriction on live 173

Unlike most of cam sites, Taiwanese cam site live 173 has restriction on nudity level. At group chat, they can not show any nudity. This is probably because of obscenity law in Taiwan. So if you want to watch full nude show, you have to go to private 1 to 1 show. But because I do not speak Chinese, it was little hard to communicate with cute Taiwanese girl in private.

Chinese cam sites

Chinese live chat industry has been booming. But that boom is for non-adult camming industry. Because China is really strict on internet content especially porn, there is no adult cam sites you can find through search engine. However, if you know where to look, you can find Chinese adult cam site. Here is one I could find.

Chinese Adult webcam site

Chinese cam site

As Chinese government bans any pornography, you can not find Chinese adult cam site through search engine. Going through several Chinese blogs and forum, I found one Chinese adult cam site which is called First Square Video Performing Arts Platform by google translator.

The site does not look big as there were about 30 models online at the time I checked. Probably it is because the site is illegal to operate. You can watch the show for free several seconds after quick registration but then you get a message that you have to purchase points to watch more.(I am assuming thats what it says but I am not sure as I could not copy the message and paste it into translator) If you figured out how to watch the show, please leave how to do so in comment section.

This is the Chinese non-nude webcam site. The live streaming can be watched for free. There are many hot Chinese ladies broadcasting. Looks like Karaoke is a trend at because you see many broadcasters are singing in her room. Even it is not an adult site, it is fun to watch girls there because they want to get the viewers, they wear sexy cloths. chinese webcam site


Probably this uplive is the biggest Asian cam site. The site is non-adult. The site covers Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam Thai, Korea and Japan.


There are huge number of cam girls broadcasting at Uplive. But revealing is not so high. So it is good site to kill time but not for jerking off.

Filipino cam sites

If you like south east Asian, this is good news for you. You can find many Filipinos at every webcam sites such as Bongacams and Chaturbate. Cam girl job is the poplar job in Filipino community because they can speak English and the average salary in Philippine is so low compared with developed countries. Being cam girl, Filipino model can make money for a month equivalent in 1 week or so.

You can find variety of Filipino models but most of Filipino models do not have high speed internet . So you have to bear with low quality streaming with them.

Asians 247

Asian cam site Filipino site

Asian247  is the biggest Filipino cam site in the market. There are about 150 Filipino cam models working online. If you like FIlipino, this is the site to go. This site does not have male models but transgender models. The site design looks old and I am pretty sue the site is old. Unfortunately, the site does not have mobile page. So you have to visit the site via your laptop.

How much is the show?

It is free to talk to models at Asians 247. You do not even need to register to send message. However, nothing can be done without paying as no models do show for free.

1 credit is about $1. Rate for private show is up to models. But most of them set the rate as $0.99. Some are even $0.69 which is the lowest they can go. Over all, the rate per minute is probably the cheapest level among all other cam sites. From my experiences, private chat costs at least $2 at other cam sites. So you can have fun at Asians 247 at about half price of others.

In order to participate private show, you need to purchase credits. The minimum credits purchase is $29.95. If you purchase $99.95, you get 15% more credits.

The payment method is credit cards only. Because there are several card process companies available such as Epoch and paypal, your credit card should work whichever country you are from.

Asians 247 Features

Other than Private chat, there are several features to have fun. These includes

  • Member only show

This is the same as a group chat. Pay per minute to watch the show. Since other people are in the room, you can not use your audio nor webcam to communicate with the model.

  • Featured recorded video

You can watch the video recorded during the show. This costs $9.99 to watch. It is much more cost effective as you can watch one whole show with $9.99. Furthermore, you can watch it whenever you want to watch once you purchase the video. If you have favorite model and have missed the show, You can still catch up with this function.

  • VIP access

By $29.99 a month, you can get several privilege including

    • 10% discount on 1 on 1 private sessions
    • Free access to live feature show.
      1 Feature show is held everyday which random model is selected to featured. You can watch this show for free
    • Free access to featured show recordings
    • Recognition by models by VIP mark on your profile
    • Free recordings on your private show
    • Access to recorded private show archive

Note: please be aware that VIP membership is renewed automatically unless you change the setting. Make sure you cut the auto renew so that you do not have to pay extra.

Asian cam site Asians 247 group site

The site is owned and operated by LLC located in Nevada. There are several sites associated with They are all the same site as Asians 247.

The site system is the same, Camgirls working there are the same but different design.

Cheap Asian cam site

Asians 247 is the cheapest site among Asian cam site. But because streaming quality is really low with lags due to bad internet connection in Philippine, I do not personally recommend this site.

Furthermore, the model quality is very low in terms of appearance and performance. I wrote there were about 150 models online when i checked but most of them were ugly old ladies. I say 10% are cute and young Filipino. This site is a good example of you get what you pay for.

Asian cam models is an other dirt cheap Asian cam site. This is the same as Asians 247, all of models are from Philippine. The site has about 100 models online when I checked. About 20 % were gay and 10% were couples.

How much is the show? does not offer group chat and peeping chat anymore, but only private chat. Private chat cost $1 per minute with cam to cam function. The rate is about 1/3 of standard market rate.

In order to participate into private chat, you need to purchase credits. The minimum credit you can purchase is $25. 1 credit is equal to $1. The payment can be made through credit cards and bit coin. If you purchase more than $100, you get 10% more credits. features does not have special features that I would like to high light. But one thing to note is that has video recording program.

According to the site, you can watch 200,000 videos recorded by the cam girls at Here is the cost table for watching video.

Up to 2 minute 30 sec$0.99
Up to 5 minute$1.99
Up to 10 minute$2.99
Up to 15 minute$3.99
Up to 20 minute$4.99
Over 20 minute$5.99 group site

Same as the Asians 247, this site has several associated site sharing the same information. Here are the list. – is recorded video streaming site.

Same as Asians 247, I do not personally recommend this site as the quality is too low with lags. It is not worth $1 per minute. If I have to pay, I would rather go to free porn sites.

Asian cam girls at Chaturbate and Bongacams

Chaturbate and Bongacams are know for tipping based site which means you can watch show for free. Both are not Asian webcam sites but international cam sites. Because they are international webcam site, they have Asian cam models.

Asian girls at Chaturbate

As far as I confirmed, Chaturbate has Asian girls from Thai, Hong Kong, Korea Philippine, Japan and India. There are about 100 Asian cam girls. Time is important factor to see Asian models at Chaturbate. You need to visit the site at Asian night time otherwise you see none. The level of Asian models is low. You can only find 5 to 10 hot Asian models. most of them have streaming quality issue and appearance issue. The Asian girls at Chaturbate are hot but not cute from Asian perspective(I am Japanese. So I am taking from view of Japanese) Asian cam girls at Chaturbate are all Americanized which they look assertive in some ways with attitude trying to be sexy. “Cute girls” by Japanese definition is pure,immature, modest. I believe Korean and Taiwanese share the same value about “cute”. So if you are looking for Cute Asians by Asian definition, you do not find any girls attractive at Chaturbate.

Asian girls at Bongacams

At Bongacams, there are about 20 Asian cam girls when I checked. But all of them were Filipino. If you like Filipino, Bongacams is better place than Asian 247 and

Japanese cam sites

Japanese webcam site

Japanese adult camming industry is the biggest in Asian region. There are many webcam sites I introduced above, but the best site for non-Japanese who are in love with Asian girls is DX live for several reasons: English platform, translation function, out of Japanese obscenity law, high level of model’s appearance, HD streaming and virtual sex focus.

Why DX live is the best Asian cam site?

I have been introducing many Asian cam sites in this page and there are many Japanese cam sites other than DX live. But none of the sites can beat DX live. Here are my points.

  • No Korean adult cam sites exist in Korea.
  • There is one Chinese adult cam site but the number of model is low and it is risky to charge money to the site that is not following Chinese law.
  • Overall quality of Taiwanese cam site is not bad but the streaming quality is rather lower compared with Japanese cam sites.
  • Filipino cam sites are cheap as hell but the quality of models and streaming are not even worth paying money for.
  • Most of Asian girls at Charturbate are Filipino. Some are not Filipino. But they not really Asian but more like European/ American Asian.
  • Asian models at Bongacams are all Filipino with low quality streaming.
  • Japanese sites have high quality standard. But unfortunately most of sites do not have English platform.
  • DX live has translation function that makes it easy to communicate for non-Japanese user.
  • DX live is the only site that does not have to follow Japanese obscenity law which requires models to hide their private area.
  • Appearance level of Japanese is high due to the fact that being cam girl is all legal and more socially accepted than other Asian countries.
  • Japanese models at DX live has all HD quality webcam and high speed internet.
  • DX live focuses virtual sex rather than just stripping show.

How much does 1 minute cost at DX live?

Here is the how much points cost.


Here are the how many points you need.

Basic charge
Peeping mode1minute = 1.2point
Chat mode1minute = 1.2point


2SHOT private chat
(You can chat with a girl exclusively)
1minute = 1point
2WAY chat
(If you have a camera, you can show her yours!)
1minute = 1point
2SHOT private + 2WAY chat
(Combine both functions above)
1minute = 2point
Remote Toy Usage
(You can control a remote toy for her pleasure!)
1minute = 1point
Double Remote Toy Usage
(You can control TWO remote toys at the same time!)
1minute = 2point


Option(2) FUN 2 USE functions
Secret messages
(secret message can be sent to the girl. )
1message = 1point
GIFT options 4 kinds
(The gift (tips) can be given to the girl. )
Teddy Bear = 3points
Flower = 5points
Gift = 10points
Heart = 15points

So, at least its costs $2.4 per minute. If you spend 1 hour, it will cost $144. That sounds expensive but let’s compare with other things.

In Japan, prostitution(called “Soap land” in Japan) costs at least $200 an hour. The level of girls at this $200 rate is very low. You usually get fat, ugly or old woman. If you want average to good girls, you have to spend at least $350. If you want beautiful Japanese girls, it will cost around $800.

The level of woman at DX live is as good as average to high level prostitution place. So having fun at DX live is about half to 7 times cheaper than prostitution.


I went over Asian webcam sites all over Asian region. I am sure there are Asian cam sites that I do not know. So, if you know Asian webcam sites that are not in the list, please let me know via comment section, I will check and add the site into the list. If you are newbies to cam sites world, check out The best webcam sites for beginner . It explains tips to boost your orgasm.