There’s something truly liberating about working for yourself. Nobody to answer to, the ability to manage your own schedule, to take the morning off if you feel that way inclined, and the knowledge that you’re in control of your destiny. Believe me, it’s fantastic… and it’s even better if – like me – you’re doing something you love, and something which boosts your confidence every day while also paying the bills (and more besides).

Needing a Change

Of course, like most people in my situation, it hasn’t always been this way. Just a couple of months ago, I was finding myself frustrated with my entry level admin job. Had I completed all those years of school to be in a role which I felt unsuited to, and in which I spent most of the day bored and lonely in a cubicle, wearing frumpy clothes and making small talk with people I had nothing in common with? The thing is, I’d always wanted to have more freedom when it comes to my time. I had plans to travel, wanted to explore the world and myself… and the annoyance of feeling so far from both of those things was driving me crazy.

Now, everything changed when I met up with an old friend from school, Sarah. She was in my town to look at some apartments to rent (on the flashy side of the city, which surprised me), and someone had told her to look me up. It had been about six years since I’d even thought of her, and to be honest, I wasn’t crazy about the idea. Sarah had always been kinda shy, and not much of a conversationalist. However, I was so bored with my work, I thought it might be nice to go out for a drink and meet someone neutral I could complain to – but nothing could prepare me for what actually transpired. We’d arranged to meet at a bar not far from where I was living, and when she walked through the door, I almost fell off my seat… along with half the guys who were drinking around me. Not only did she look seriously stunning, but she exuded a confidence and self-assuredness that was really sexy – it was one hell of a transformation!

Anyway, we got chatting, and I started telling her my problems. Sarah listened intently, and ordered a pair of large gin and tonics before telling me she had the perfect solution to my situation. I was curious – like many people of my generation, I had sort of resigned myself to my fate… could she really have the answer, and is this why she seemed so confident and (judging by the price of these cocktails she was buying without a second thought) wealthy? Sarah looked me right in the eye, and asked me: had I ever considered online stripping for money?

Online stripping for money

If I’m honest, I wasn’t so much surprised as I was excited by the thought of what she’d said. My ex boyfriends had always complimented me on my body – I by no means had what I imagined was the typical stripper or porn star physique, but I had curves in all the right places, and I always made sure I was well presented. The idea of lots of other men complimenting me on my looks, and even getting off while looking at me was always a bit of a secret fantasy of mine. Being a little buzzed, I told Sarah this, and she laughed and shuffled a little closer to my seat. She told me that she’d be working as a cam girl for about two years now, and she loved what she did. Not only was it great fun to make money online by stripping, but she enjoyed the kind of personal freedom I was craving and had been talking about at the start of the evening. Since she’d been performing for her long list of highly satisfied clients, she said, her self esteem had rocketed. She’d managed to save plenty of money, had plenty of chance every day to explore her sexuality, and had become comfortable in her own skin to an extent that made me really envious. She even had loads of time each day to pursue her hobby of photography, and from looking at the photos on her phone, it was clear she had some real talent. Sarah was so enthusiastic about online stripping for money, she bought me one more drink, and told me to get in touch with her later that night once I’d gotten home, so she could give me some pointers.

Putting My Mind At Rest

I went home that evening with my mind buzzing with excitement, but also with loads of questions. Are jobs like online stripping for money legitimate ? What would happen if I wasn’t cut out for it, or if I might find myself being harassed online? I did some research on the internet, and was pleased to see there were loads of blogs and articles written by girls like Sarah, who were loving their job and had plenty of positive things to say about working as a cam girl. I also gave Sarah a call, partly to thank her for the drinks, but also to put my questions to her. She was really happy to hear I’d thought about it further, and she had plenty to say to put my mind at rest.

Firstly, she informed me that yes – jobs like online stripping were totally legitimate, so long as you were over eighteen years old, and with a reputable platform – there were loads to choose from, some which worked on a tips-only basis, others where clients had to pay you per minute. Sarah told me she’d help me set up a profile, and with a good, catchy name and some hot lingerie photos, I’d be good to go! As for my other concerns, Sarah had plenty to say. The thing was, she told me that being a cam girl was nothing like being a ‘traditional’ stripper. There was no danger of being groped by drunk clients, or having to be in a room full of strangers in just your lingerie… that’s the beauty of online stripping for money; you do it in the safety of your own home, and watch the cash roll in! As for my nerves about getting started with my first show, well, Sarah told me that not only would they pass soon, once I realize how much fun I’d be having, but also that for lots of guys, a bit of nervousness and coyness is a real turn on! With all of her advice, I was more sure than ever before – I was ready to make money online stripping, and become a cam girl!

Getting Into The Swing

As with any new jobs similar to stripping, it took me a couple of days to learn the ropes. Thankfully, with Sarah’s help and with the cam girl blogs I was reading, it was easy to find a great platform full of gorgeous, like-minded women from every corner of the world. I set up my profile, added some hot snaps my ex boyfriend had taken, and filled out the information required to tempt my viewers to my room. Before long, I was doing my first show… and I loved it! I absolutely adored the fact that loads of guys were paying me compliments, and were eager to hand over their cash to watch me having fun in the privacy of my bedroom. It made me feel sexy, confident and full of life: a world away from my boring day job!

Today, I’ve gone from having a couple of paying customers per day to being an in-demand online stripper, with guys and girls alike booking block shows, regularly tipping me extra, and coming back time and time again for more. It’s another great perk of the job – you get to build connections with real people, chat about their lives, and see them getting excited and forgetting all their cares as they talk to you and enjoy your show. It’s satisfying, fun, and a great way to make money. It only took me a month or so to build up my reputation, and as soon as it became clear I could make more cash by stripping online for money, I handed in my notice at my office job, and didn’t look back. Now, I have masses of personal freedom, and just like Sarah, I’m radiating confidence everywhere I go, in the knowledge that at the end of the day, I can load up my webcam and do a show for my favorite clients who are paying to spend time in my company. What’s not to love?