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Meiya Tokyo USA is one of the largest cam girl agencies specializing in webcam modeling for girls. We provide supports for webcam models to broadcast across the Japanese internet modeling sites. Unlike other webcam modeling agencies who collect fees for nothing, we provide unique values to our customers. We are Japanese best webcam modeling agency that provides real values including localization, translation and marketing support.


What is a webcam model?

How to become a cam model?

How much do cam models make?

Best paying cam sites

Reasons you want to work for Japanese modeling sites.

Which sites is better depends on what is your purpose of doing a camming job. Also you may have some concerns on the risk that someone who you know may find out that you work as a cam girl.

Working at Japanese sites is the best option

  • If you put the highest priority on the risk that someone finds out you work as a cam girl.
  • If you want to make money in different time zone.(night time in Japan is not night for you)
  • If you are not good at asking for tips.
  • If you are not good at talking hundreds of people in front of webcam

More details is explained at why Japanese sites are better

What we do?

Meiya Tokyo USA localization

This is exactly what we do.

One in left is the make-up style that she does on her own while right picture is Japanese style make-up and hair style we instructed.

Makeup difference is a big part that foreign woman needs to change in order to be successful at Japanese market. Once you register we request a face picture without make-up. Based on that photo, our stylist will do virtual make-up and hair style suggestions so that you can know how to adjust yourself.

Why you need to adjust?

One thing you must know is what Japanese poeple like is completely different from your own culture. What they value, eathetic sence, preffarence on woman are all different. Just broadcast at Japanese site will get you some viewers but not many because they do not show interests in foreign woman being foreiner. That is why you need to localize. Localization happens in any industry, if a company wants to sell something to other country. The same principle applies to camming industry.

Another reasons is that you want to control the impression to target right audiences. The target audiences that you can target varies depending on how you look. We check your face and apperance to determine which audiences is most likely to like you. Base on that we give make-up and hair style suggestions so that you can target right audiences.

Localization process

Apperance is not the only elements that leads you sucess. There are several areas that you and we work togather. Here are steps after you submit the application to us.

  • Step 1 make-up localization

Once you submit the application, you will need to submit your face picture without make-up. We will do virtual make-up on that photo and send back to you. Based on that photo you can adjust your make-up

  • Step 2 Account creation

Once you adjust your make-up, you will need to take couples of photos for your account. We instruct what pictures are needed. Once you take the pictures, we will photoshop the pics to make them looks better and upload to your account.

  • Step 3 Performance localization

We will send you manuals on how to use FC2 live and DX live. Regarding performance manual, check “cam girl performer manual“. You need to learn how to wait properly, camera positions, couples of Japanese words and so on. The words pronanciation can be found at the manual page.

  • Step 4 Start working

Now you are ready to make money. Once you start working, you can request to audit how you perform. We will check what to improve in your show.

Webcam jobs*Webcam work*Payment?

FC2 live

You receive points from viewers. How much points you charge is up to you. This is one of the great thing about webcam modeling jobs. You have flexibility on to choose how much your webcam work if for.

1 point is equal to 0.50 yen (about $0.005 depending on the exchange rate on the closing day). Since the point is based on JPY and the payment to model is USD, the exchange rate on the closing day for USD/JPY is used.
DX live

1 point is equal to $0.432. Below is the points list

BasicChat/peepingTyping. People who are shy can join as peeping mode.1 minutte1.2 points per viewer
Option2 shot chatPrivate mode1 minute2.2 points
2 way2 way Video chat1 minute2.2 points per viewer
2 way private chatPrivate 2 way video chat1 minutes3.2 points
Remote toyViewer can control a toy that you have1 minute2.2 point
Double toys2 remote toy can be used at the same time1 minutes3.2 points
Secret messagePrivate message1 message1 point
PresentViewer can give you points1 present3,5,10,15 points
RequestViewer can request what they want to see. As the point is consumed by the request, model needs to respond.1 request1, 2, 3 point depending on the request
Touching functionViewer can touch or lick you using icon displayed.30 sec0.2 points
Cum functionViewers cum on you using Bukkake function.1 time1.5 points

Payment method?

You can choose the payment from Western union cash pick up or wire transfer.

Pay period

Webcam model agencyPayments will be made on 15th and end of the month, unless that day falls on a weekend or national US holiday, in which case they are made on the following business day. Pay period is based on GMT-4. Pay periods run beginning of the month through 15th of the month for the payment on end of the month and 15th of the month through end of the month for the payment on 15th next month.Since the point is exchanged on closing day(FC2 live), the exchange rate on that day is applied.

Japanese have collective mind rather than individual mind. What it simply means is that criteria when they decide something is based on what is the best for the group that he/she belongs to rather than what is the best for him/herself. The preference on who they feel attractive reflects this mind. Japanese does not like like strong/assertive woman. Often being strong is part of being beautiful in some countries especially in United States. In such sense, Japanese do not feel attracted to beautiful woman. Their preference is rather cute woman. More about what they like and how to meet their preference is explained at how to attract Japanese guys.

There is a language barrier exists. However, DX live has translation function build in. Furthermore, if you try to talk to them, they try to talk to you as well. They are living in different country and speaking different language but share the same value as where you are from. They respect what you do and appreciate if you try to talk to them. Plus it is the fact that man likes woman wherever they are from.

As long as you are between 18 and 30, have high speed internet, a laptop with an HD webcam, you are welcome to work with us! We have models working from Romania, Russia, Philippine, Ukraine, Canada, USA, England, Australia, Vietnam, Taiwan, China and Thailand currently.

If you like Anime or Managa, you are in the right place.

Webcam model agency

I used to work at MFC and livejasmin. They were ok. I tried FC2 and DX live. DX live worked great for me. I am happy about being webcammodels with this agency.

It was easier than I thought.
Internet modeling

I like to try new things. Japanese sites are perfect for me as I do not need to worry about someone I know find out that I work as a camgirl.

Kinda fan to learn Japanese
Webcam model agency

I was looking for new cam site as I was not making much money at MFC. I started to work as a cam girl at Japanese site and my earning was tripled! I am happy about this agency. I am happy to be a cam girl too!

Pay and time are good.
Japanese cam site

I do not work as a cam girl anymore but it was good time working for a Japanese site. The money I got was much higher than other sites I worked in the past.

It was perfect for me!
How to be a camgirl

There are big differences between people where I am from like and what Japanese likes. I figured I am more popular in Japanese cam site than the site from my country. Time difference is nice as well. I am more flexible than before.

It was easier than I thought.
webcam model agency

Although Japanese viewers can communicate, they seem to struggle to communicate with me. But they are nice and pay well.

Tough part is communication
Webcam model agency

My friend introduced me this agency and worked perfectly for me! Japanese viewers liked me. Webcam jobs is awesome. I like Japanese culture so much now too.

I was worried about language but they are awesome!
What is webcam model

I used to work at a studio and became independent cam girl few months ago. This agency actually helped me a lot. probably, I would not be able to figure out what Japanese viewers like without help from them.

This agency is awesome!
Internet modeling

They are different from my culture and what they like is different from people from my country. Without help, I would not understand their culture.